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Wi-Fi Mood Light using ESP8266

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Hi guys Today lets make Wi-Fi Mood Light using ESP8266 , i hope you will love this interesting IOT Project

This time I have come across with the latest ESP8266 12E MCU also well known as NODEMCU development board

This gives awesome results in combination with one of the best application for Internet of things – BLYNK Application

With this awesome smartphone application in-hand your projects will be more compact and efficient and mainly flexible

We are going to build Easy and interesting IOT automation project were you can control an LED connect to the NODEMCU board by BLYNK application


As human we all have different set of moods few popular are angry, sad and sometimes very happy!

So as per psychology surroundings can have effects on mood relieving

As light is one of element surrounding us it has an effect on our moods too

Different colors symbolize different things hence we made project in which you can change colors as per your mood

And to simplify everything we made it smartphone controlled but apart from this we can control this from any part of globe as it an IOT project

Who wants normal boring same color light when you can change them as per your taste!

With all these being said lets start to build mood lamp

Components to make Mood Light using ESP8266

  1. LED Bulb which was recycled from non working
  2. 7805 voltage regulator IC
  3. Wire for inter-connection
  4. RGB Led Strip get it here (BANGGOOD)
  5. NODEMCU also known as ESP8266 12E (BANGGOOD)

Tools which helps here

  1. Soldering  Iron
  2. Solder wire
  3. Scissors and double sided tape
  4. Lighter

Building steps

We will start this project by tearing apart old LED bulb

Note: Normal incandescent bulb wont work for this project as its made of glass and  transparent outer cover gives out clear light which wont work good for our project

One best part here from LED bulb which we use is its safe to work with this as no part is made from glass

The outer cover readily gives good quality diffused light

Below visuals show steps that needs to be done to open these LED bulb

Just twist the cover by your hand by giving slightly large force it will pop open

Remove LED panel which is already there

After removing LED panel we can begin to make circuit for this project

But before circuit let me explain you

How the LED bulb works

Light emitting diode In short LED and why is it so energy efficient?

Conventional light bulbs( incandescent) use  tungsten filaments which consumes lot of energy also those release lots of heat when emitting light which means loss of energy

LED bulbs eliminate all these issues as individual LED(light emitting diodes) are less energy consuming that are arranged in a panel

AC supply from mains will be convert to DC before the panel receives power

For this purpose DC voltage regulator will be use inside the bulb

 This becomes an advantage in our project as there is no need of any additional converter circuit since we readily have inbuilt one

We will start circuit by connecting IC which regulate proper voltage, 7805 voltage regulator will be connect to wires which earlier were connect to led panels

Purpose of using IC here is to ensure regulated power flows through our microcontroller board here we get constant supply of 5V

Blynk setup for Wi-Fi Mood Light using ESP8266

  • First install Blynk app from google play store and then sign in with email
  • Create a New Project in BLYNK app.
  • Enter the name of your project, I have given it as RGB BULB
  • Select ESP8266 or NodeMCU from dropdown.
  • An AUTH token will be sent to your registered email, note this down.
  • Now you will get the dashboard screen. Just click the top “+” button in the right corner to add widgets to your project.
  • Tap on the screen and add a SLIDER WIDGET on screen.
  • Tap on the Widget and select Digital PIN D1 for GREEN, D2 for RED and D3 for BLUE , rest unchanged.

Note: that since Blynk is free only up to a point, you have to choose your widgets wisely

Note: This will change colors only over WIFI not over internet.

Code for Wi-Fi Mood Light using ESP8266

  1.  Open the Arduino IDE
  2. connect your Esp8266 to the PC
  3.  then go to file -> Eamples -> Blynk-Boards_Wifi -> Esp8266 Standalone
  4. select the correct table (NodeMCU 12e) and the com port in the tools menu

Serial.Begin (9600); Baud rate change to 115200

Blynk.Begin (auth, “ssid“, “pass“); Enter your Wifi SSID and password, both within the double quote

Finally save the file and press upload

Connect Nodemcu to computer and upload it

Purpose of code here is

  • To have contact with blynk application
  • Assign specific output pins to ARGB led light
  • Also to give your Wi-Fi a personalized name

Note: Wi-Fi name can be changed to different name in code, if you are unfamiliar with code please leave it to default

We can continue building circuit by soldering ARGB strip to Nodemcu

Positive and GND terminals will be connect to 5v pin and gnd pins of board

Signal pin to D3 output pin

Assembled circuit top view is given below, make sure to insulate all open wire connections that may lead to internal shorting

After completing these steps we will put small supporting frame to hold ARGB Led strip with bulb body

To make this frame i have cut circular piece of cardboard to size of bulb outer radius

Before installing everything we need to make small setup with blynk which is shown below

After this we can move on to final hardware setup

Use double side tape to keep all internal parts together and  stick Strip to circular cardboard frame

Place everything inside bulb and seal the outer part

Project building is complete now lets test it

How to use Wi-Fi Mood Light using ESP8266

Just connect your mood lamp to power supply

From smartphone connect to Wi-Fi network from nodemcu

To control color and timings of LED’s Open blynk application

Open RGB control panel

Select your favourite color you can choose over 16M colors as per your mood. Enjoy your Mood!

Thanks for reading and showing interest, consider reading our recent ESP8266 Farm automation project


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