Visitor counter with automatic lighting


Hey readers welcome back to our new blog Today we will have detailed look on How to make Visitor counter & automatic lighting system before that we should know basics about this stuff!

What is Visitor counter with automatic lighting system?

Well by name we can have some idea on what exactly visitor counter is

It counts number of person visiting in the room or office and light ON the room

Counts the number of visitor automatically when some one passes by and display’s number count on screen

When anyone enters into the office or room then the counter will incremented by (+1) and the light will be switched ON

How Visitor counter works?

Here though this project looks complex it works on very simple ideology

IR sensors are use to detect obstacle that passes by here Distance at which obstacle should be taken into count can be adjusted on IR sensor

As someone passes by Count will be taken as 1 and same will be shown on OLED display

As nobody want to peep and check display again and again i add LED indicator which flashes as count is shown on display

so this was some basic explanation of this project

Now Let’s have a look on logic behind this working

Infrared IR sensor picks up signal, take an instance when person passes this signal will be sent to by Arduino nano which processes the signal

This signal will be sent to OLED display in readable format as desired also additionally LED will glow as per instructions from nano

Note: This project can also be made from UNO just some changes in pins will get your work done

Visitor counter & automatic lighting system
Visitor counter & automatic lighting system

Actual image of Visitor counter & automatic lighting system can be seen in above image

From image itself one can see all the components used in this project, Below is explanation for Beginners!

Supplies required to make counter


  • IR Sensor
  • OLED display and LED
  • Breadboard and few jumper wires


An infrared detector is a device that detects the presence of an object through the reflection it produces in light . The use of infrared (IR) light is simply so that it is not visible to humans.

They are constitutively simple sensors. It has an infrared light emitting LED and a photodiode (type BPV10NF or similar) that receives the light reflected by a possible obstacle.

Obstacle detectors are usually provided with a standard measurement board with the LM393 comparator, which allows the reading to be obtained as a digital value when a certain threshold is exceeded, which is regulated through a potentiometer located on the board.

It works similar to ultrasonic sensor but instead of that we are using infrared signals


OLEDs are one of the types of display available for use in our Arduino and electronics projects.

An OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) is a type of LED in which the emissive layer is made up of an organic compound that emits light in response to electricity.

SDD1306 controller and have a very small size of 25mm x 14mm. They are monochrome and have a resolution of 128×64 pixels.


here we use 2x IR sensor one for  IN and 2nd for OUT 


Visitor counter & automatic lighting system
Visitor counter & automatic lighting system

Hope you found this project interesting, if any additional queries let me know in comments section

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