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Remote Controlled Water Tap


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Welcome In “DiY Projects Lab” In This Article We Will Help You To Making a remote controlled water valve Using RF Transmitter Remote Kit With RF Receiver . Please Follow Each And Every Step Of This Article Then You can make remote controlled water tap!

Remote Controlled Water Tap

Remote Controlled Water Tap

Brain of this project is an RF Transmitter Remote  which in combination with RF reciever to provides a decent user interface.

Here’s list of required components for Remote Controlled Water TapRemote Controlled Water Tap steps

  1. RF control module with remote control
  2. Electronic valve
  3. Power supply for 12 V and for a current of at least 2 A
  4. wire
  5. water Tap

RF Transmitter Remote And Reciever

This kit functions by controlling home electronics appliances via a remote wirelessly using RF. In this project , this receiver kit is paired by  transmitter remote:

  frequency transmitter

  1. 100 m
  2. 1 km
  3. 3 km

The RF receiver provides to control of electronics appliances through the relay and the remote are able to control more than one receivers.

  1. Momentary Mode: When the transmitter button is pressed, the relay will turn on but will turn off immediately once the transmitter button was released.
  2. Toggle Mode: When the transmitter button is pressed, the relay will continue to turn on until the transmitter button is pressed again to turn off the relay.


It is   not necessary to buy a remote control module for 4 Channel , as in the example, you can take any one channel controller

RF Transmitter Remote Kit

  • Voltage Supply: 9 ~ 12V
  • Transmission Frequency: 315MHz
  • Transmission Range: 100 m/1 km/3 km
  • LED indicator for button status

RF Receiver Control Kit

  • Voltage Supply: 12V
  • Transmission Frequency: 315MHz
  • Transmission Range: Based on the transmitter remote
  • Receiving Sensitivity: -101 dBm
  • LED indicator for relay status

In this set up, you will need to prepare the following materials:

  1. RF Transmitter Remote Kit and RF Receiver
  2. 12V Power Supply (2Amp)
  3. 12V Electronic valve
  4. Relay
  5. water tap

Let’s Make it

first Connect the pipe with electronic  valve and water tap (as show in picture)

Connecting 12V Solednoid Valve  to the Relay

The valve can now be connected to the system with flexible connections. Note that there is an arrow on its body showing the direction of the water flow. If turned on incorrectly, the valve will not work.
Next, we turn on the unit to the network and try to control the valve.


The Rf module fixes the state and the voltage is kept on the valve until the remote control button is pressed again. Naturally, while water flows through the valve, a voltage of 12 V is present on it.

Watch video tutorial on remote controlled water tap

Credit :- Mextraf  


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