ESP8266 Projects

Top Recommended Esp8266 Projects You Must Try In 2022!

Recommended Esp8266 Projects

Hi, everyone in this blog we will show you  5+ Recommended Esp8266 Projects You Must Try In 2022! using NodeMCU microcontroller You must try it this holiday. ESP8266 is a popular choice for IoT developers and manufacturers.

As we know ESP8266 is gaining popularity in the market of electronics because of its low cost, small size and reliability with embedded devices and easy availability in the local store in our city.

1. Battery Powered Wifi/BLE Smart Lock using ESP8266

esp8266 PRojects 2022

This is an Esp8266 battery-powered Wi-Fi smart door lock system, Do you ever forget your keys and don’t like to always keep your keys in your pocket, do you want a smart door lock for your room Which will lock or unlock your room from your smartphone? Well, there is such smart door lock product in the market but all of them are very expensive. That’s why we have brought this video by looking at your expense, This lock lets you operate your door even when you are not present at home, Low battery can power the door lock for up to six months on a single charge


2. DIY – Alexa Curtain Control System

DIY - Alexa Curtain Control System

Do you also get upset by closing and opening the curtain every day? If yes then also check this one Smart project This is DIY Alexa Curtain Control System, This means you can operate it by speaking like “Alexa Open the curtain”  hahaha

You can also set time minutes before sunset thus she keeps up with the seasons automatically you could also program a routine to prepare a room for movie night by closing the curtains turning on the television and dimming the lights, so isn’t it a great project to turn your house into a smart house. build your very own Alexa-controlled curtain automation system it’s easy to build and doesn’t cost very much money and effort.


3. ESP-12E GAME- NodeMcu ESP8266

ESP-12E GAME- NodeMcu ESP8266

Are you also an Electronics lover and you love microcontrollers and games then this project is for you, This duck hunting game is mostly made by Arduino but now this guy using an ESP8266 12e  module which is much faster and it has more memory than microcontrollers on Arduino or nano so it can display these animations very good.
In this game you need to kill ducks Smaller ducks will give more points and they move very much faster
After 60 seconds game is over


4. Nanoleaf project – Alexa, Hue and App integration

Nanoleaf project - Alexa, Hue and App integration

Do you also want to give an attractive look to your room by applying light? see this Nanoleaf project It will be controlled by a smartphone. nanoleaf lights are a great way to decorate your home but due to their high cost we often drop that idea, so if you also feel the same then create your own panels by following this project it gives a stylish glow out across the wall in the evenings.

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5. DIY 3D Printed LED Sign Board

DIY 3D Printed LED Sign Board

This text is about a DIY 3D-printed LED sign board. This project is excellent for anyone who likes to add a personal touch to their home décor. This sign board can be printed on any 3D printer and can be customized with any message or design. The finished product is a fun and unique way to show off your personality.




Water Bubbles Lamp is an innovative product that is sure to liven up any room. This lamp features a unique design that allows water to bubble up through the mesh top, creating a soothing and fascinating visual effect. The LED lights in the base of the lamp create a peaceful and calming ambience, excellent for relaxation or sleep.


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