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NextDFM PCB design Analysis Software


Sometimes there are some problems with your PCB designs, after you have a prototype, some of them go wrong, then you are upset that where the mistake has happened, for this problem you need a software that makes those mistakes. Show us .

what Is NextDFM Software.

NextDFM is PCB Design Problems Detector and analysis software developed by one of the most professional PCB manufacturer Company NextPCB . 

it is free ?

Yes NextDFM Software Free trial for PCB designers , Quickly analyse whether there are manufacurablility issue in the Design .

Features of the NextDFM software .

  1. Graphics are easy to read with this software so that you can ensure that all the necessary data in the file is correct or not.

2. Identify the wrong circuit in the design.

3. Next DFM help you in improve design quality, performance and reliability

4. Instant quote and billing options In Next DFM software

5. Save your Precious time .

Let’s Install and Use This Software

1st you have to download this software from link

Click on Free download

Select Destination File location for all Data

select Start menu folder
Click on install and Install it

It is quite easy to install it. Like all other software.

After installing it, after opening it, you will get a view as shown below.

First you have to login before using it

Extract PCB Gerber zip file

Now you upload your gerber file।

Here you can see that my design

click on the DFM Analysis button on the left side of the software will analyze the PCB design error check and suggest to you if any errors are present it is the most important feature of DFM software।

The special thing about this software is that you can order your PCB from this.

I would like to thanks NextPCB who built this software NextPCB dealt with thousands of engineering problems of PCB Design

I hope this software is right for all of you engineeers ..

Once you see this software, I hope that it will be proved right for you

Download Software


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