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Hii friends Today I’ll tell  you the most famous learning site  for Electronics and arduino



DIY PROJECTS LAB offers  basic electronics,programming  courses,Arduino basic,and  Arduino intermediate courses Arduino programming basics is a begineer course for those who are new to programming course for using various sensors and modules. If you have some understanding of the beginner course, please enter the intermediate course. (all course will be updated continuously

Google   :

Not only is the scale of the domestic maker culture still small, but most of the Arduino-related open sources accumulated so far are foreign sources. If you are stuck playing with Arduino or sensors, the best way is to go google. In particular, video lectures are increasing gradually in recent years, so you need to make good use of YouTube and Google


It is advisable to read the material here unconditionally. It easily teaches circuit theory related to how to use modules, sensors, and motors, which are often used when DIY electronic devices. The images and photos used in the course are also carefully created so it is easy to see. It’s an English blog, but you can read it without much difficulty. Beginner Intermediate

Adafruit learning system :

In addition to selling parts, you can distribute useful libraries as open source, and get information on Arduino, modules, sensor classes, circuit theory, and various DIY works. If you play with Arduino, you will stop by here several times. So, bookmark it in advance. Beginner Intermediate

Instructables  :

This site introduces various DIY projects, implementation methods, and life tips. You can present your own project or participate in contests. It helps a lot to get and share ideas. In addition, a lot of data from Arduino and various sensors are accumulated.  Beginner-intermediate-advanced

Sparkfun tutorial  :

Not only does it sell a wide variety of sensors, boards, and parts, but it also has a vast amount of systematically organized courses. Think of it as an Adafruit competitor. In addition to this, DFRobot, Redbear Lab, SeeedStudio, etc. are companies that play a similar role, but the amount of information they provide is a little lower. Beginner Intermediate

This site introduces DIY projects, Arduino projects. You can present your own project or participate in contests. It helps a lot to get and share ideas.  Beginner-intermediate-advanced

Arduino official website Playground  :

  • This is a tutorial page operated by Arduino official website. If you look for Arduino-related materials, you will naturally come across the Arduino official website. The lectures are also large and the contents are clear. See Learning tab.


Arduino official website Reference  :

When programming Arduino, the moment when you need reference materials for grammar and API will surely come. That’s why you often find pages. Beginner Intermediate

AutoDesk 123D Circuit  :

  • You can create circuits using Arduino on the web and simulate their behavior. The interface is similar to the famous circuit drawing tool Fritzing, so you can try it without difficulty. It’s a useful tool to verify what you’ve been thinking without Arduino. It’s just because it’s a web tool… The UI is a little inconvenient. Beginner Intermediate

:: This document will be updated continuously.

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