Powerful Gaming PC using LattePanda


Powerful Gaming PC using LattePanda making with step by step tutorials Hi


Today I will show you How To Make Mini Gaming PC using LattePanda Alpha with inbuilt Windows 10 operating system at your home.

In this article, I show you all the information step by step so you can build this Gaming PC  at your home easily.

This PC has 8 GB Ram & 64 GB Internal Storage and can be expandable up to 250GB External memory card. It has 3x USB 3.0 Type A / 1x USB Type C and LAN SLot

cost of this Powerful gaming PC around 500$.

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Watch the Video Version Powerful Gaming PC using LattePanda

This project  is available in video format (watch below) and in written format.

 Required Material for this Project

We need below products:

 (1)Lattepanda Alpha                  (LINK)   

   (2)Samsung SSD                       (LINK) 

(3)USB 3.0 Hub                          (LINK

(4)USB 2.0 Hub                          (LINK)

(5)Carbon Fiber Sheet Bla             (LINK)

(6)Carbon Fiber Sheet Red          (LINK)

( 7)Carbon Fiber Sheet White     (LINK

(8)MDF Board                               (LINK)

(9)Thermaltek Fan                         (LINK)

(10)Arduino                                       (LINK)

(11)Relay Module                            (LINK)

 (12)LED Strip                                  (LINK)

 (13)Acrylc Sheet 3mm Transparent   (LINK

(14)10 inch Display & Driver  (LINK)

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LattePanda Alpha

LattePanda is a high performance single-board computer with low power consumption that runs full Windows 10 or Linux operation system.used in  vending, advertising machine, industrial automation, etc.                           

    Package included:- 

  • LattePanda Alpha 864s  x1
  • Active cooling fan (Assembled) x1
  • 45w PD Power adapter   x1
  • Dual-band antenna x2
  • RTC Battery (Assembled)x 1
  • User Manual x 1

10 Inch Display 





The 10.1 inch IPS LCD Screen with Driver Board is an HD IPS digital LCD screen kit with HDMI+VGA+2AV.

Package Includes :

1 x 10.1 inch IPS LCD Screen

1 x Control button board and a Ribbon cable for control button board


As we have used a Lattepanda , we need to fix it to , so I put it on a MDF board ,with the help of a screw.

1. Take Lattepanda circuit board and connect SSD  to SSD socket.

MDF Wood Cutting

Here is the MDF board
Now follow the video procedure and cut the MDF board ,and attach lattepanda wih CPU

here are two kinds of USB extension board , first one has for USB ports
and Second one has four USB ports.

To make it look attractive, we can wrap it with a carbon fiber sheet  of red, white, and  black sheets.

Circuit Diagram for Powerful Gaming PC using LattePanda

it’s time to make the Circuit

We need Zero PCB for make this circuit

Now arrange all the parts on the PCB  ,you can see the circuit is ready

As you can see, I have made circuits on PCB by myself, if you do not want to make it yourself  so no worry  you can order   order it from PCB manufacturer.

NextPCB PCB Manufacturer 

Nextpcb is one of the most  popular PCB manufacturer in china nextpcb provide best quality PCB

Get free PCB Assembly for makers 0$ for 5PCBs NextPCB.com

Add RGB Cooling fan

I have used strip lights so that it looks attractive at night (You can see in the photo above)


Powered by PD adapter / 12V DC / 7.4V battery

Now Assemble the Monitor

I designed Monitor of my display on MDF Wood

Attach display with Mdf wood 

For display, I made a stand using the MDF board, for display you can also make it like this, it is also very good and strong to see.

Connection with display and LattePanda 

Now last The display  driver of the cable connect  with the LAttePanda  in its HDMI slot

Power on a PC and enjoy your Powerful Gaming PC.

Enjoy your Powerful Gaming PC made using LattePanda


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