Make TV Ambilight with Arduino

Hi, friends in this article i will show you How to Make TV Ambilight with Arduino this is a very easy and awesome project made with Arduino

Arduino is one of the best open source microcontroller board with which i built lots of interesting projects make sure to check them in my older posts

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What Ambilight means ?

Ambience in general means our surrounding which is termed usually for good looking surroundings

Ambilight is a new technology in light that creates mesmerizing light effects behind or around the television which will correspond to content in the video

This is recent technology and its growing nowadays everyone wants their ambilight TV at their home

Benefits of Ambilight

Ambilight TVs resist eye strain, especially for those who prefer to watch movies in the evening. With this adaptive technology, there is a sense of presence, visually the image appears wider.

These and other advantages can be attributed not only to TV shows and movies, but also to games – many gamers noted that the backlight makes the game spectacular, bright, dynamic.

Features of Ambilight

The patented system is implemented in many TV models, but it interacts with different devices in different ways:

  • LED strip is placed on both sides – an excellent choice in favor of comfort when viewing in a small room;
  • The tape is located on three sides – this option allows you to feel the full depth of the image. They are often chosen in rooms where the equipment will be installed on a pedestal or stand;
  • Illumination around the perimeter is important for spacious rooms when the device is mounted on a wall.

The lighting can adapt to the content shown on the screen.

What you need for Ambilight

Back lighting is a spectacular yet very simple technology that analyzes the color gamut of a frame and scatters the lighting on two, three or four sides of the body.

The resulting effect is able to conquer the most demanding user.

The illuminated wall, located behind the back of the case, complements the picture with light, making it rich and voluminous.

Supplies to Make TV Ambilight with Arduino

  • LED strip WS2812B
  • Arduino Nano and UNO will also work (Actually you use any microcontroller that supports SPI)
  • mini breadboard
  • Jumper wires
  • Terminal to DC jack
  • Mini USB to USB A
  • 5V power supply for the LEDs
  • A computer
  • Arduino IDE with Programming cable

Software used:

Software’s with its original download links is given below, Note all are free to use!

Prismatic –

Adalight –

Arduino IDE –

To be able to use it on an ESP8266 add these 2 lines to the top of the Adalight sketch 



WS2812b RGB Led

Be careful when you are buying the LED strip light, remember it is better to buy “Digital” RGB Strip led for example the WS2811 or WS2812b.

How to identify ARGB and normal LED Strip

Normal LED strips has 2 Terminals that are for power inputs

ARGB stands for Adressable Red green and blue which by name says individually colors of LED can be controlled

This results in creation of any colors by combination of RGB

WS2812B or generally known by names ARGB has 3 terminals, Here 2 will be for power supply and one will be for signal input

Here the signal input will be connect to arduino board

Mount LED Strip on TV

To mount the LED strip to the frame turn your TV around so that you have clearing working space to work on its back side

Start by cleaning back of monitor and apply the strips LED one by one in  counterclockwise format

Circuit Diagram

Circuit is very simple Signal pin from ARGB strip will be connect to D9 pin of nano board that sends signal pulses

Software Setting

  1. Click here and download the Adalight code for the arduino nano.
  2. Download the FAST LED library for Arduino IDE HERE
  3. Click here and download the Prismatic
  • First install the Fast LED library in IDE if its not installed by default
  • Open Adalight code in the Arduino IDE
  • There in the code, all we have to do is to define the pin, in my case digital pin 5, and amount of LEDs
  • Compile, select the COM port and upload the code to the Arduino nano .
  • Uploaded following sketch to Arduino on COM3 ( These Port number varies check yours and upload accordingly)

Prismatic software

Now download the Prismatic software.

This will generate the data for the perimeter colors of our screen.

Install it following the default settings.

You may want to start the installation as an admin, otherwise your windows might not let you install it.

  1. Launch Prismatik
  2. make sure “Turn Light on”.
  3. Open Prismatik Settings and navigate to Device and click Run configuration wizard
  4. No Lightpacks Connected so click Next
  5. Select Adalight
  6. Type in COM3, Baud rate 115200, Color Format RGB
  7. Select correct monitor at resolution of 2160×1440
  8. Lightpack profile need to be select
  9. Select Andromeda arrangement
  10. Now run the prismatic application.

Now, Define the amount of LEDs you have on the top part. Click custom and see how this will look like.

The stand offset will give you the space between this bottom LEDs.

If you have a full perimeter, live this to 0 percent.

You could customize this as you please manually.

Press next and here adjust each color till you match the color of your background wall.

Click next and we are done

You can now watch movies with AMBILIGHT effects and that is awesome. make sure to try these light while you are watching horror or action movies the results are different!

The application also has sound effect which is a cool thing where the LEDs will blink according to the music you play this will be awesome when you play games especially shooting ones.

This was all about our TV Ambilight with Arduino definitely you might have loved this idea, if you need my guidance in case if you are struck anywhere i am ready to help

All you need to do is just ask the same in comments, That finishes this project will see you soon in next amazing project idea, Thanks

Watch this amazing video that shows how to Make TV Ambilight with Arduino

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