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Hey guys in this article I will be showing you one of the most amazing project which was ever made, So this is a complete tutorial on how to make automatic teeth brushing robot

Are you tired of brushing your own teeth! with your own hands and want somebody to take care of this burden so we got you this automatic tooth brushing robot which can help you

So before going into the project let me explain meaning of tooth brushing robot

From the name itself half of your questions are answer well, this robots take care of your brushing task without even moving your hands

So how does this tooth brushing robot work?

Sequence of Motors controlling moment of toothbrush along with supply of water all this combination put together in real time completes this robot

Starts by moving tooth brush to washing point where you can wash your mouth too

Which later will be move on to squeezing of toothpaste meanwhile it will spray some of the water to our mouth

Just stand in front of the system the brush will be automatically move into the position of your mouth and starts brushing

with some of the easily available electronic items this project was made most of the parts was made using 3D print items

let’s start this project by gathering some of the materials which are essential

Note: video tutorial for this project is given at end of this article don’t forget to check it out!

Supplies required to Make Tooth Brushing Robot

  • 3 stepper motors(2 big steppers and 1 small type)
  • Arduino mega
  • Geared dc motor
  • Joystick modules
  • Mini dc water pump
  • Few aluminum frames
  • Stepper drivers and 3d printed parts

Functions of stepper motors

These control movement of brush in various directions and for linear movements from end to end

Role of High torque dc motor is to squeeze toothpaste when brush arrives

Joystick modules for manual control for initial adjustments

In addition to this ultrasonic distance sensor was install to detect presence of human and start the system

Using my 3D printer i print most of the parts for this project, For electronics I use arduino, stepper motor and gear motor with some large bunch of wires to put them together

Before beginning into the building process let me explain a few important things related to PCB

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Building steps to Make Tooth Brushing Robot

Use aluminum to make square frame for this project, start by installing water supply mechanism

This is very simple, use dc water pump connect to bottle of water which can be seen in below visual

Later its time to main mechanism that is brush movements, it doesn’t seem complex as in reality

As you can see 3d print parts contributes to this

Belt movements drives 2 pulleys(yellow color) to end of which metal geared servo is connect

The horn of servo contains brush which moves in rotational movements and this entire setup will be move by stepper motors


After this is done we will make mechanism to feed toothpaste this is done by combanation of 3d printed squeezer

This squeezer is connect to shaft of high torque dc motor which can be seen in below visual

Note that this squeezer part is fix to one side and doesn’t move

How to use this tooth brushing robot

Just stand in front of ultrasonic sensor so that system gets to know somebody wants to brush their teeth!

Well it was a joke! they detect us as obstacle

Make Tooth Brushing Robot

At this time brush mechanism starts to function by moving towards watering part where brush is washed first

Meanwhile you can go to this part to get some water spray to your mouth

After this brush moves near toothpaste where motors twist 3d printed squeezer to drop a pinch of toothpaste on brush

After this stand in position where you stood earlier( near sensor) now the brush moves towards you and starts to make back and forth movements

Simply place your teeth in front of brush and now your teeth starts to get clean

After some time motor turns in other direction to take care of other side

This might take a while as its said a good brushing requires some time!

That’s it hope you understood all the steps, if any doubts i am always open to answer your questions

Download Code :- (Click Here)

Download STL file :- (Click Here)

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Video tutorial on Make Tooth Brushing Robot

Watch here how this functions and how to calibrate using laptop


That was all about regarding this tooth brushing buddy, hope you like this idea, Thanks


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