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Make super bright 100W LED

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Make super bright 100W LED at your home using materials available in local electronic shops, this can be use as camping light, survival light and for other general purposes

Idea behind 100w lamp

As LED bulb is common in household lighting, In general the light output of bulb used at home is around 12W or in some cases 24W from these examples you can imagine how powerful this light is going to be

As brightness goes up temperature also increases as we are dealing with more power

Hence heat sink is installed in our project which is sufficient to cool on short term, more advanced light devices uses water cooling technology

Lets jump into making of this project by collecting required materials

Supplies to Make super bright 100W LED

supplies to Make super bright 100W LED

Supplies to Make super bright 100W LED

  1. 100W led light which is main part of project
  2. Heat sink for heat removal from LED
  3. Thermal grease or thermal paste for layering between heat sink and LED
  4. Lithium ion batteries x 8 for powering powerful LED’s

Check all batteries before making pack

list of supplies to Make super bright 100W LED

list of supplies to Make super bright 100W LED

4S BMS circuit to recharge Lithium ion batteries

Lithium battery holder/ coupler use to make packs

Buck converter 150W

Mini Voltmeter to show Readings of voltage

Add on list include switch, DC Power jack and super glue

Building steps of 100W light

Steps on how make led light

Steps to make led light

Start by Installation of LED to heat sink, Apply layer of thermal grease and screw LED to slots provided

  • Solder LED with Wires i recommend to use good quality wires
  • As these wires will go though high heating and higher power passes when bulb is in use
  • Install lens kit, Here i made use of 44mm lens kit to buy this you can check link of components in description here
  • Use battery joiners to make battery pack, make sure to connect all the terminals properly

Circuit diagram to make powerful LED light

Circuit diagram for powerful LED

Circuit diagram for powerful LED

Follow circuit diagram as above to make Battery pack and getting them connected to other components

Circuit Explanation

We have 5 terminals which will come out from battery that are connected to Buck converter and BMS circuit

Note: If you are complete beginner with no background of electronics recommend to make connection from experts assistance as slight misconnection here can cause some problems

Connect all wires except main power supply wires, add charging port i use 12v DC pin to make this setup rechargeable

On off switch to power on and off as per requirements

Place all these components on foam board which i prefer, choice of materials is yours

Don’t use metallic frame as it might cause some short circuit, Plexiglas can be good alternative here

making powerful light setup

making powerful light setup

After the connections are complete add voltmeter and adjust voltage

I use ~4v adjustment can be made from potentiometer that is pre installed on buck converter

Just spin the screw on potentiometer and set voltage by viewing numbers on display screen

I didn’t use any case for covering as it needs good design of case for proper heat dissipation from heat sink while working

Future Upgrades

Here the problem arises if we run this light for very long periods hence heat dissipation from heat sink is not sufficient/ efficient for continuous working hours

Adding fan that blows air on heat sink fins can control temperature to some extent but new problem arises as where to keep the cooling fan since design of overall project should be changed

Better and effective solution to all these problems is usage of liquid cooling system

Here the heat absorbing liquid continuously circulates through tubes which is run by motor and works in real time when the LED is ON

So we can expect effective cooling of heat sink module even on long term usage on using tubes all over fins


Main advantage from this project is cost involvement, similar lights available in market come with hefty price tag

Has very good light discharging ability which you can se in the video Here it is more powerful compared to bike light!


Case design will be little bit challenging as there are lot of factors to be consider here hence i made this project open without case on

Adding liquid cooling system to this project would be more effective

But here the power consumption will increase as motor consume lots of power which again effects backup time

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Watch working video of this project

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That was step by step tutorial on how to make powerful 100W light

as Always any queries on any steps will be answer in comments box only if you ask! Thanks for your time, Have a great day


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