Make smartphone controlled Car Using Esp8266


ESP8266 smartphone controlled Car

Hi friends, welcome back today in this article we will show you How to Make smartphone controlled Car Using Esp8266. this wifi control car control with NodeMCU This is a great project for School science project model or those who do not yet know what Esp8266 is and want to make their first robot.

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Components for ESP8266 Wifi car Project:

  1. ESP8266 :
  2. Wheels :
  3. TT Gear Motor :
  4. 18650 Li-Po Battery :
  5. 18650 Battery Holder :
  6. Jumper Wires :
  7. MDF wood :

ESP8266 Smartphone Control Car Schematics:

The Circuit diagram is very straightforward. you have to connect the Motor driver (l298) pins and motor pins with Esp8266 pins as per the schematic diagram. The schematic diagram is shown below

You can also follow the following pin mapping.

Motor Driver-> ESP8266

  • ENA GPIO14(D5)
  • ENB GPIO12(D6)
  • IN_1 GPIO15(D8)
  • IN_2 GPIO13(D7)
  • IN_3 GPIO2(D4)
  • IN_4 GPIO0(D3)

Prepare the Body for ESP8266 Car

As you can see in the above photo I have used MDF board for base if you have 3D printer or acrylic sheet then you can give better shape than this which will look attractive Well this is also good for your beginners

First of all, after soldering the wire in the motor we have, stick that motor on our wooden base with the help of hot glue gun.

Make the Circuit for ESP8266 Car

ESP8266 L298N Motor Driver
D3 Input 4
D4 Input 3
D5 Enable A
D6 Enable B
D7 Input 2
D8 Input 1

Make the circuit by following the circuit diagram given in the above image. I have already explained the connection details .

After all the connections are completed, all the electronic modules should be attach to the base.

Then connect the wire of the motor as shown in the above circuit diagram.

Software and Libraries for ESP8266 Car

Now let’s come to the software

First of all download Sketch and install libraries in your IDE.

Download and Install the following Libraries:

  • ESP8266WIFI :
  • ESP8266WebServer :

Plug the USB cable into the ESP8266 with your laptop or desktop PC.

  • First Download the code from (this link).
  • Now open downloaded code in Arduino IDE.
    • Windows: Fille > Preferences
  • Now Paste it in the Additional Board Manager.

Additional Board Manager URL:

  • Now go Tools > Board > Boards Manager
  • Search ‘ESP8266‘ and install it.
  • After the installation Then go to Tools > Board and then select the ESP-12E Module. So, The Board is selected Now.
  • Set the correct board and COM Port number and upload the code into the ESP8266.

interfacing With App

NodeMCU car is the one of the popular App for car to control them

Download the app Download app)

After download open the app and then connect phone Wi-Fi to “ESP8266 Car ” After everything is right, an interface will come in your phone screen where you can see the controlling system.

I hope you liked this project, if you want to get some help in this, then tell us in the comment section, we will be happy to help you.

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