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Make mini Bluetooth Boombox


How to make Make mini Bluetooth boombox is one of most searched topic on internet in recent days, Why buy expensive speakers when you can make one easily at home at half the cost

Well here i will guide you through very simple steps in which you can make your own Bluetooth speakers that can be use in parties, as electronic hobby project or home theatre choice is your’s!

Supplies required to Bluetooth boombox

3 watt speakers here 4 were use in this project

Foam board

Audio amplifier aka PAM 8403

Lithium ion batteries recycled from old laptop batteries

Charging module to charge these batteries, there are various charging boards i used TP 4056

DC booster to increase dc voltage of battery

Switch and Bluetooth panel

Click here then check description to buy all these components

After all above mentioned parts are collected start building frame for this boom box, follow visuals below

mini boombox making steps

speaker holder

Foam board was cut in rectangle shape make sure to consider size of speaker before trimming board

Mark 5 circles as per diameter of speaker, middle one was dummy!

Add speaker which was mentioned above here 3 watt speakers works fine

Super glue works best as it doesn’t leave off any residues like hot glue or any other type of glue

If you plan other rated watt speaker you might need to make changes in usage of amplifier, Follow exact same components to get best results

make mini bluetooth boombox

Soldering speakers

Solder wires to speakers which later will go to audio amplifier board, i recommend to use different colored wires to avoid misconnection

Preparing Audio amplifiers

PAM 8403 is best for 3watt speakers those who are new to this board let me give quick and short intro about this

It has 2 output terminals followed by 5v input for power supply and music input from audio jack

Here Bluetooth panel was connect to input side of amplifier board

As we all know purpose of amplifier is to amplify sound

This knowledge is sufficient to work with this component! if you didn’t know this before leave a comment

audio amplifier working

Audio amplifier working

I use header pins that were soldere to output terminals which makes work clean

R and L states left and right of speaker output that were connected accordingly, if you misconnect speakers no worries

Here we are not judging individual speakers all speaker works at same time, hence connection of speaker to either

Making those basic connection wouldn’t be much difficult even if you are beginner since common sense plays major role here

Assembling all circuits together to Make mini Bluetooth Boombox

circuit to make Bluetooth speaker

circuit to make Bluetooth speaker


Above image shows Bluetooth control in connection with audio amplifier input, base and sides will be added after slots are made for charging and button to switch on and off

Power supply from batteries

to make this speaker run for very long time other batteries wont provide much backup as lithium ion

lithium ion has good backup time hence here 4 of them were use

prepare set of 2 each connect in parallel later make series of those packs

each has 3.7v output hence our pack gives out less than required

To boost supply voltage dc booster or buck converter is connect to output of battery

After wiring module limit voltage to 5v

To limit voltage adjust knob of potentiometer in buck converter, to know how check image below

circuit preparation for boombox

circuit preparation for boom box

How to Make mini boom box rechargeable

Lithium ion pack is rechargeable hence we got rid of battery replacement problem

Adding small module makes entire system rechargeable

To control entire system i added small on off switch

Cut slots as per size of component and glue it to foam board

Adding hot glue is much better compare to super glue

Charging module connection

Charging module connection


After this cover all sides in board which are cut as per requirement

Test your Bluetooth box by connecting to smartphone

Use superglue to finish all sides

At this point our project is ready to use

Make mini bluetooth boombox

Make mini Bluetooth boom box

Finished project looks awesome and it sounds awesome as it looks

Check out this video which shows to Make mini Bluetooth Boombox

Make sure to try this project at home as all the information to make this is explained and shown in very simple way

If you think this was useful make sure to share it across your community.. Thanks have great day


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