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Make Egg painting Machine


How to make egg painting machine at home, this Easter egg painting machine will be very easy to make, all the components, circuit diagram and codes are given in this article

Why to make egg painting machine?

Those who tried to draw pictures on egg might have idea about complications that arises during egg paintings

Well simple drawings can be made easily but real problem comes when you want to make complex pictures which has minor lines to which a lot of attention should be paid

Apart from this during Easter egg painting will be in high demand many want their favorite pictures to be displayed on egg but unable to do because of complications

So you can start to provide customized egg paintings service to people by making this awesome egg painter machine!

How does egg bot work?

Egg will be mount on one of the stepper Motors that will control rotational or spin movement

Another stepper motor will be controlling servo movement axis in swing pattern

Horn of this servo will be connect to pen that will be raised and lowered while drawing 

Input signals first will be sent from software to arduino Nano

Which later be sent among steppers and micro servo motor, here stepper motor drivers will drive 2 stepper Motors

Materials required to make this egg bot

Make Egg painting Machine Circuit making

Circuit making

Make Egg painting Machine circuit diagram

Egg bot circuit diagram

4 wire 2 phase stepper motor

Arduino nano

L channel mount

A4988 Driver ( stepper motor drivers)

Tower pro sg 90 micro servo, metal servo is not much preferred

Plexiglas board

Few screws and spring

Elekscam aka Eleksmaker software

Steps to make supporting base

I have cut acrylic sheet as per required size for this project Drill holes on board then attach L channel using screws

Base of egg bot

Base of egg bot

After L channels are fix to base connect steppers using screws for any clarification please refer visuals

attaching steppers

Attaching steppers

For easy understanding I will name first motor as stepper one and back motor as stepper 2 to which servo will be attached

Attach wires to motor terminals and organize them in neat way with zip ties or tape to avoid messy working environment which everyone hates

steppers connection

steppers connection



Circuit diagram for Egg Bot

Follow circuit diagram to make circuit connections, if you are poor in reading diagrams detailed explanation is given!

Egg bot circuit diagram

Egg bot circuit diagram

Circuit diagram explanation

From these two phase stepper Motors we will be utilizing only 3 pins that will directly go to motor driver

Servo Motor input will be given by Arduino Nano hence it is directly connect to nano board

For power input i use DC plug, 12 volt dc adaptor powers our project

To regulate the voltage 7805 IC is connect that will provide power to motor driver if you have any doubt regarding circuits make sure to leave it in comment box 

After checking circuit it’s time to build circuit

Building connections

I have used empty PCB board followed by attaching header pins, Nano and driver board will be mounted on this headers

Circuit making

Circuit making

Customized PCB for this project eliminates work of bulk soldering and misconnections to get PCB check out instruction in video description

Keep some space between motor drivers and nano, to regulate the low voltage signals will be using IC 7805 this will be mounted two input terminal of Drivers

frame building

Frame building

From few additional pieces of Acrylic sheet and super glue I made a complete square box frame to fit all of electronic components inside this board

Don’t forget to leave a slot for DC plug-out pin and for arduino Nano computer connection

To make the egg holder slot will be using caps from old toothpaste container cap, this fits perfectly to stepper motor shaft

End opposite to this part was made from small block of Plexiglas

Hole on top part made from drill and shaft along with spring will be insert that gives adjustment option when egg is fix to these holders

egg holder


To make swing action of backward stepper I cut a long rectangular piece of Acrylic

later drill a hole to fit stepper shaft then a micro servo to its tip was attach

Servo horn holds pen that will be moving up and down when painting process Check assembly video here if something was not clear

Uploading instructions to board

After the hardware is setup we can add instruction codes check software here

Connect usb cable to nano and power supply to driver from dc adapter

Open the software, from right side click on install driver we are installing driver for our Stepper motor drivers which are not added by default

 After the drivers are successfully install close and reopen the eleks maker software once again

 it will take awhile then select the type of machine( select egg bot) and click on Run

select add boot option–>go to gallery and select your favorite pictures which is to be printed on egg

Just click on generate and select continue scale your image

Click start as soon as you press start machine will start doing its work

Note: For the first time you might need to make some minor adjustments 

Watch full working video

Check installation process which in case you missed it in article on this eggbot video here

Make sure to share this article wherever possible, consider checking this Fingerprint security system for bike That was all about this project

Thanks for your time and this project idea is open to improvement suggestions!





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