Make Drone Transmitter and Receiver


Hey Readers did you know that we can Make Drone Transmitter and Receiver at our home in very simple steps, Well you are here as you want to know!!

So today we will show you How to make a low cost 8 channel wireless remote control for RC model , drone, boats and car.

 It can be used for all kinds of model vehicle control such as model aircraft, drone, car, boat, tank.

Why Make Transmitter and Receiver for  Drone ?

Main factors which bothers us most is cost involvement, Transmitters and receivers available in market comes at very hefty price which most of us can’t afford

Other factor is, even though after getting those in case of any damages availability of spares is little difficult

So to eliminate all this issues i made my own Transmitter and Receiver, main focus was to make controller for my upcoming project

Note: Video link which shows working of this device is given below please do check

Supplies required to Make Drone Transmitter and Receiver

  • Arduino Nano x 2
  • Nrf24l01 x 2
  • Joystick module 4 pieces
  • 100uf/25V Capacitor x 2
  • Zero PCB  board
  • Headers
  • Plexiglas sheet for support body

1st build the transmitter

Frame Building steps for drone transmitter

  • I use my laser cutter machine to make body of this trasmitter
  • Shape idea was from play station controllers you can design your own version too!

Care should be taken to make these frames, Slightly larger than that of PCB in which all electronics can be install

Make Drone Transmitter and Receiver
Transmitter and Receiver body

Start by making shape of zero prototyping PCB as the shape of body( check above visual)

You can draw sketch and cut with help of cutter, If you are good at designing PCB make sure to have a look on video, i have mention PCB provider who provide customize versions at very affordable price

Make Drone Transmitter and Receiver body empty pcb
Prototyping PCB

Transmitter Circuit & Receiver Circuit

Circuit Diagram for Transmitter

Please refer this visual to make circuit for our transmitter, Arduino nano is main component responsible for control

How do this circuit work simple explanation

Joystick modules provide control signals which will be sent to nano that further shares it with nrf24l01 wireless module later continues to share data with receiver antenna

Make Drone Transmitter and Receiver body circuit diagram
Circuit diagram

Circuit Connection Steps

Positive and negative terminals of all joystick modules will be connect to common wire

NRF24L01 is end part of transmitter where the transmission of information occurs

Vin of Arduino Nano will be connect to positive power source and GND for negative source

After you finish assembly of all the components you will have something like this visual shown below!

After all components are add properly to prototyping board we can proceed with addition of frame

This plexiglas frame provides to  protection for this circuit, i use screw system to fix everything glue or tape make look messy

As mention earlier hand soldering might be slightly bad when compare to PCB make sure to check out description of bottom video for Custom PCB at very low price

After installation is complete transmitter part is complete, Now w ecan proceed with build steps of Receiver

Circuit Diagram of receiver

Receiver board circuit

As this is 8 channel version of receiver we will utilize 8 pins from NANO that are connect to 1,3,4,5,6,9 and 10 pins

As always for protection we are utilizing capacitor on supply area to receiving board

Like for conventional receiver board these also need ESC and Li-Po battery for controlling Drone motor

Below is Final assembly that was made by following Above circuit diagram

WarningMust check your wiring connection using continuity mode of your Multi meter.

Receiver board for drone transmitter
Receiver board for drone transmitter

After all the assembly is complete proceed to upload the code

I have given both the codes for receiver and transmitter board

Just connect transmitter Arduino board to your computer, Copy paste this and upload to board

Arduino code for transmitter

Make Drone Transmitter and Receiver body programming

Later proceed same steps to upload arduino code to receiver board

Arduino Code for receiver

  • After successful upload of code our project is ready to use
  • Just connect power source to receiver like normal drone receiver
  • Also connect transmitter board to battery and Just wait few seconds for connection

Test by moving joystick in various directions, all should work fine and if you gone through all these steps it will!

Complete video tutorial on how to Make Drone Transmitter and Receiver is Here

That was all about Arduino Drone transmitter and receiver project, Hope you like the idea

You can make an airplane from this transmitter as given in the following diagram.

Any extra modification suggestion ideas, Let me know in comments box as usual, Thanks for your interest.


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