How To Make DIY Gesture Controller Car Using Blutooth .


Hii Friends Today I’ll Show You How To make Gesture Control Car . Control Toys Like a Super Hero

It is A simple application of MPU6050 3 axis Gyroscope (accelerometer) . You can make a lot if you understand and How to use it . It is very easy to make if you understand
I used HC05 bluetooth module to make it .

You’ll need Some components for making this
1× Arduino nano
1× Arduino UNO
2× BO Motor
2× wheel
1× l293D IC
1× 7.4Volt lipo battery
1× zero PCB
2× connectors
2× blutooth module
1× MPU6050
1pcs Gloves

Step 2

you can build the robot car body as shown in the Pictures

Step 3

After Building the Robot Car Body then Make the Remote unis as per the given circuit diagram in pictures .

Step 4

Now Blutooth module Configuration

HC-05 Bluetooth module comes with slave modules factory settings. that mean we can send data to the module just by plug it .
And no need to do any other setting to send data from mobile device to the blutooth module. just enter its default password (1234)to connect with it.
but what if we want to send data using this module to some other same module or to a mobile devices.


this project, I am transferring data the same thing sending data with the Bluetooth module and the collected MPU-6050 gyro sensor to another Bluetooth module.


Step 5

Let’s Power it and Enjoy Like a super Hero

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Ready For Play



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