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How to make mini drone at home

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This blog is about step by step tutorial on How to make mini drone at home, We will try to use the most common and cheapest materials for making this drone.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to save money on equipment, and it is the most expensive component, So I used FS-A8S mini receiver module and transmitter Flysky to make this drone.

The total weight of this drone under 60g with 450mAh battery and flight time approx. 15min. but further i plan to upgrade it with more high mAh battery for large flying time

If you are new here i would like to ask to check our previous versions of drone that was built, all tutorials are given

Here’s what you need:

[I put link for components if you need to find them online]
  1. Pencils
  2. Cardboard
  3. Coreless Motors (Click Here) to get one 
  4. Flight Controller 
  5. Receiver
  6. Propeller
  7. 600mAh battery
  8. Transmitter

If you don’t want to buy transmitter and want to make one using arduino check our older project tutorial Here

Tools you will also need:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Third Hand
  • Solder
  • Glue Gun
  • Drill
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hacksaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Zip ties and double side tape

Building the Frame

Pencils are strong and light weight material hence its perfect component to build a frame

To make lightweight drone without 3D printing and for cost reduction to great extent you can use pencil as an alternative

Use four pencil to hold the motors.

Note: Flying Video on How to make mini drone at home is given at end

Start to Assemble

Take a pencil and saw off part of it if necessary use sandpaper for smooth edges.

Leave about 2/3 of the length perform same action with all the pencils.

Cut the pencil and make hole for mount motors.

As i am using small coreless motors these fit perfectly on body of pencil

Now we cut out a square from cardboard 40×40 mm in size and mark it. Using superglue/feviquik, fix the pencils on card board piece.

Cut out the same square from cardboard and glue it on top of structure. Use zip ties wherever necessary

Insert Motors Into Frame

We tighten the clamp and cut off the excess ends. We do this with all 4 motors. Mount motors to the frame as shown in the image below. You can add a little super glue to the motor frame for security.

Controller Board

Now take the control board and use double-sided tape to secure it to the top of the drone. the rotors of the motors look at the top, hence the upper part will be on this side.

Note: I Recommend not to use super glue or hot glue to attach board to drone frame as while removal process it might damage board

Solder Your Motors to the Board

Now we solder the wires from the motors to the controller board.

Make sure CW motors and CCW motors mounted in correct directions.

Place receiver board on the frame using double sided tape and solder all motors to the receiver board in correct polarity.

Place the battery under the frame using double sided tape.

 Propeller A = CW = Red wire + And Blue wire –

 Propeller B = CCW = white wire + and Black Wire –

Attach Propeller

  1. Make sure CW motors and CCW motors mounted in correct directions.
  2. Fix propellers to the motors as shown in the image.
  • Motor 1, 4: Clockwise
  • Motor 2, 3: Counter Clockwise

Note: few propellers will be name as AA, AB, BB and BA that means if its arrange in a square these order should be follow up

How To Fly Drone?

Drone flying for beginners is easy only if you follow these steps!

Well in the recent drone boards come with in built multi sensors which helps for easy flying

The sensors include gyro which stabilize the motors to maintain perfect balance and also accelerometer both of which help for good flight

Step by step instructions on Drone flying

  1. To Pair our receiver board with remote just provide power supply from lipo battery to board and wait for little beep sound
  2. Keep the drone in flat surface
  3. Now switch on transmitter and do initial settings necessary for drone
  4. The transmitter which i use is flysky fsi6 with which almost all RC devices and be controlled
  5. Just move the throttle stick up and after pairing with receiver board release the throttle
  6. Now the drone is ready for action
  7. Gently move the stick up now you can see drone hovering in mid air
  8. Use left and right controls for different drone directions
  9. Enjoy flying your homemade drone 🙂

Below are some of visuals which show above said steps

This is a pretty cool little drone for beginners as this can be said as crash proof drone! Fly it and if you crash it somewhere no problem you can start all over again

Source on How to make mini drone at home

Why Make this drone?

Drones available to buy come in large price tags but if you make one by getting all the components it will cost you a lot cheaper

And most important part being if you buy readily available drone all the parts wont be available as spares if one or other fails during operation

As we are using multiple parts here if any fails you can get them replace easily​

This winds up our drone making tutorial come back for more interesting projects, Meanwhile check our recent cool project that shows how to make another version of cheap drone here


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