How To Make Cheap Drone

Hey dear technical friend’s welcome back i hope you all are fine, today in this blog we will show you How to make  Arduino based mini drone using nrf24l01this is very cool and impressive project.
Most people love drones. Building a drone for yourself is an impressive thing. But the drones that are sold in the market are quite expensive and if you can do it for less than $25 it will be the perfect project!

We build a really cheap DIY drone from steel plate and wood . here we guides you to build your own DIY Arduino Drone.

You can watch the video HERE on YouTube. Below I have give all the components name that we will need for this drone project.

Components for the DIY Arduino Drone

Here is all the part list that you will be needing in this project:

  1. Arduino Nano: X2
  2. Nrf24l01: X2
  3. Motor: X4
  4. Propeller X4
  5. MPU6050 gyroscope module: X1
  6. Joystick
  7. Zero PCB:
  8. Small cut pices of wood
  9. Wires
  10. Lipo BATTERY
  11. USB Cable for programming

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  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Solder wire
  3. coping saw
  4. Drill
  5. pliers


  1. Arduino IDE
  2. MultiWii
Download Multiwii (Click Here)

So this drone is fully made with Arduino nano as control system, The receiver, transmitter and flight controller are controlled with Arduino nano. This project will be a lot of fun guys.

If you friends planning to make this cheap drone you can buy kit from

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this kit includes all the electronics but not the frame and battery . You can make the frame yourself like I’ve done.

In this project, I will show you how to design of this drone and give it a more professional look.

i firstly plan what my drone was going to look like and start to design in photoshop later made a rectangle and added a wing. then i took the necessary part and cut out the wrist then

i copied it and flipped it horizontally and vertically to make the drone even i design the controller according to my need.

(as you see picture in below )

After that, i copied the files to the pen drive and printed those designs on an A4 sheet. then i took 4mm plywood
as my drone material and pasted the template on it using glue stick.
To fix motor i used aluminium strip and cut it in required length, after that , i connect the motor to the aluminum strip.
and blend the strip for landing gear, after that some holes on the ideal drone body and attach the landing gear
with the  structure with 3mm scrue ok so now the structural part is done.

How to make cheapest drone

So now is the time for Electronics

Now come to the electronics part A drone miles has two parts one is transmitter. the second is the receiever.
we give a control signal from the transmitter and the drone receives the signal and reacts accordingly in the remote controller.  

Remote controller mainly consists of three part’s joysticks processing unit and radio transmitting module and the processing unit in drone or receiever is radio transmitting module and the processing unit in drone or receiever is radio¬† RX module motor driver and some sensor’s like accelerometer and gyroscope which stabilize the drone.



We can buy all of these parts in kit, but it is quite expensive and our budget is only $15. that’s why we’re going to make everything by own to reduce¬† lower¬† the price. ¬†
Here i am using Nrf24l01 RF communication. 
so i would need two of them ,one for the transmitter and the other for the reciever.
i’m using two arduino nano as the processing unit and MPU6050 to stabilize the drone while flying.
all these items for only $15 to buy this drone Click Here 



Now it’s time to build the circuit. So first I made a simple circuit on a breadboard to see if my modules and connections are working properly.
Then I opened Altium Designer in my PC and designed the circuit using the software.
The software is easy enough so it didn’t take me more than 30 minutes to figure out the very best connections in one software and print them out for easy soldering to the other.

Start Build the circuit

Then I took the video board and glued the previous template on it and start cutting after done with cutting.
i start build the circuit Circuit building is not very complicated, but it can be quite difficult for those who do not have enough ideas in electronics.

After finish the circuit and its time for the programming connect the arduino board with cable and upload the code


Connect USB cable with arduino


Using the Multiwii GUI

Download Multiwii (Click Here)

Open your MultiWii folder, click on MultiwiiConf, application.windows64, and finally open MultiWiiConf.exe.

On the top left of the window, select the port your flight controller is on and click on start. Sensor Values should show on the application.

On the right, select the sensor type.To calibrate the sensor, slowly move/tilt the flight controller as prompted.

A model of the desired drone should appear on the application. Its movements should mimic the movements of the flight controller.

After  the inital coding i checked out the MPU6050 in Multiwii ,which used to measure pitch and roll of an aircraft.

Motor test example code
//We define the pins for the mootrs   int front_left = 3;  int back_left = 5;  int front_right = 6;  int back_right = 9;  void setup()  {  //Define the pins as outputs  pinMode(front_left,OUTPUT);  pinMode(back_left,OUTPUT);  pinMode(front_right,OUTPUT);  pinMode(back_right,OUTPUT);            }     void loop()              {  analogWrite(front_left,50);  analogWrite(back_left,50);  analogWrite(front_right,50);  analogWrite(back_right,50);  delay(10);  }

After little bit of more coding i mounted the propeller and attach the battery with drone  

See the videos of this tutorial on How To Make Cheap Drone YouTube channel here.


This tutorial on How To Make Cheap Drone ends here. Hope you guys like it.


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