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Hii friend’s, welcome back I hope you all are fine Today in this Article I will show you how to make Arduino gesture control Robot At home I hope you enjoy this project and I will try to explain it as best I can ,This robot is very cool and it is very easy to make it.

 if you had any problem in making it, then definitely tell us in comment section.

To make this robot we will need some components

Arduino gesture control robot

Required Materials

  1. Arduino nano
  2. RF+Nano Board
  3. Motor driver
  4. Gear motor
  5. Rubber wheel
  6. Adxl335 accelerometer sensor
  7. 18650 battery Holder
  8. 18650 battery’s
  9. 9V battery
  10. Nrf24l01

RF Nano board

This RF nano  board combines the NRF24L01+ wireless transceiver with the familiar form factor and programming paradigm of the Arduino Nano.

  • RF-Nano-Board: Upgraded nano board for arduino
  • It is fully compatible with the common nano board.
  • The RF-Nano-Board integrates a NRF24L01+ module with arduino nano v3.0 board


  • Please use Arduino IDE 1.8.6 or higher version
  • First, install the CH340 driver, then
  • follow this selection path in IDE: Tools – Board “Nano” Processor “ATmega328P”,
  • otherwise you’ll find that you can’t burn any program.


  • It is fully compatible with the nano-v3.0 pin and its usage method
  • Supports AT directive to configure BLE
  • Support USB virtual serial port, hardware serial port, BLE three-way transparent transmission
  • Support master and slave switch
  • Supports sending over 20byte.
  • Supports iBeacons



The ADXL335 is a small, thin, low power, complete 3-axis accelerometer with signal conditioned voltage outputs.

ADXL335 can be easily connected to an automation or processor such as Arduino.

You might have seen in any smartphones that when you rotate the smartphone the screen changes its orientation that’s how your smartphone automatically figures out when to switch the screen layout from portrait to landscape it’s nothing but an accelerometer.

click here for more about ADXL335

Lets’s Build

I have used four geared motor in this, you can also use other as per your requirement.

I have soldered the wire in all the motors keeping in mind the positive and negative (+,-)

After connecting the wire, I fixed all the four motors on an acrylic sheet using hot glue gun, you can use any sheet that you get,Then set the wheels in all the motors as shown in the above photo minor.

Circuit Diagram for Receiver


The circuit is very simple, I would like to tell you that you make it on  PCB board so that it will be very good.  

As I have also made it on PCB which makes it very attractive if you also want to make it on PCB.So below I have given the link to download the Gerber file which you can order PCB from any PCB manufacturer.

(Download Gerber File)

Let us now assemble this circuit on the PCB

As you can see in the above photo I have soldered all the components on PCB board. After making this we move on to the next part where we will make the transmitter

Circuit Diagram For transmitter



The circuit of the transmitter is very simple, I have made it on the same PCB as the reciver.

Assemble The circuit on PCB Board

as you can see i have used circuit nrf24l01 and used arduino nano nrf board on pcb ,actually this is already inbuilt in arduino nano nf24l01 as i mentioned above already. If you use this board then you will find it very easy.


Now let’s go to the programming side, you will not have much trouble in this, I have given the code below, you can download it and open it on your Arduino IDE After opening your code in Arduino IDE

  • Please use Arduino IDE 1.8.6 or higher version
  • First, install the CH340 driver, then
  • follow this selection path in IDE: Tools – Board “Nano” Processor “ATmega328P”,

I have given the code of both the receiver and transmitter, you download it and upload it in Arduino.

(Download receiver Code )

(Download Transmitter Code )

After assembling and Uploading the  circuit and programming (receiver, transmitter)we will connect the motor wire to the receiver.


Arduino gesture control Robot working video



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