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Hii , dear friends! welcome in “DiY Projects Lab”  i hope you’re fine in this article i’ll describe how to make a simple air conditioner at home

This homemade project is not only interesting, but also useful, it is now especially helpful in summer.

By the way, it is made of cardboard, which is very widespread at the moment.

As you probably know, making various things out of cardboard has become popular, with some craftsmen and food processors also making models. In general, let’s not be late with a long preface, let’s go and see how to make it

Step 1

For this  air conditioner we need some material :

– cardboard
– mini electric thermometer (you can order from amazon, also worth it and not so much)
– toothpicks
– two radiators
– thermal paste
– cooler for 12V
– power supply for a cooler for 12V
– heat sink

 Tools you will also need:

– hot glue gun
– soldering iron
– scissors
– clerical knife

Step 2

First of all, you need to cut out two large rectangles from corrugated cardboard, with dimensions of 25 by 37 cm.

Then we cut out two more equal rectangles with dimensions of 12 by 25 cm.

On one of the large rectangles we glue two small ones on both sides as shown in the photo below:


Step 3

All from the same cardboard we cut out an elongated rectangle with a cut out rectangle inside.

All sizes can be seen in the photo below. Then take toothpicks or you can use regular barbecue skewers.

We insert them inside the cardboard part, the toothpicks should be at an equal distance from each other, after you install and distribute the toothpicks in the cardboard part correctly (as shown in the picture below),

then you need to fix them with super glue:

 cardboard part, the toothpicks

Step 4

Cut out three equal parts from corrugated cardboard, with dimensions of 3.5 cm by 27 cm.

We put them on toothpicks in a cardboard part.

Then, on the back side, we insert three more toothpicks, fix the cardboard blinds with them.

Then glue the toothpicks with super glue.

It is important that the cardboard blinds move up and down freely:


We take an ice cream stick and drill three holes in it, at equal distance from each other hole’s

then use the nippers to bite off the excess and insert it into the holes made with a toothpick, but not completely,

a small part of it should go beyond the ice cream stick.

Step 5

On the side

Now also apply a little hot melt glue to the cooler from the OLD computer and glue it opposite the blinds exactly in the center of cardboard (as show in picture):

Step 6

On the first piece, the edge should be bent a short distance. After making all the parts, they must be glued as shown in the photo:

Step 7

We take a large radiator and glue two ice cream sticks on it with super glue, then glue this blank over the square hole with PVA glue:

Six equal large holes must be drilled into the cardboard part : Apply hot glue to a small radiator and glue it to the cold side of the part.

Then we glue this entire workpiece to the general structure, with a large radiator outward:

Step 8

Insert and glue the switch and electric thermometer into their holes:   The thermometer sensor must be installed next to the fan:

Step 8

Now we take a 12V power supply and insert its wires inside the entire structure

after which it is necessary to solder or simply connect all electrical components into a single electrical network.

After connection, it is necessary to insulate the bare contacts with electrical tape or heat shrink.

We test the entire system, connect the power supply to the network and turn on the air conditioner

if the fan and other components work correctly, then you can continue on:

Step 9

We glue the air conditioner cover (this is the second large piece of cardboard, which was made at the beginning.

That’s it! A simple but effective cardboard conditioner is ready and all that remains is to test it.

To do this, you just need to turn it on by pressing the switch. As you can see, this air conditioner really cools the air temperature (inside itself exactly) to 10.4 ° C. These indicators are very, very good.

I think many will want to make a similar air conditioner for themselves, because it is summer now, and I want to cool down.

And it’s not very difficult to make it, all the materials are more than affordable.
I hope this article will be useful to someone.

Step 10

Here is a video from the author with a detailed assembly and testing of this project :

Author of this project :Creative Life

Well, thank you all for your attention and good luck in future projects!


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