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How to make a boat easy

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Hii dear friend’s Welcome in “DiY Projects Lab”  i hope you’re fine

Good day to all, dear friends! In this article, I would like to consider a very interesting homemade project.

As you all have probably noticed that summer is already over but the boating season is still in full swing.

in today’s article, I will try to describe the assembly of a simple remote – controlled boat in as much detail as possible. In general, the homemade product is very interesting, so let’s not drag out with a long preface let’s go

 Material to make a boat

mini boat components
Required Material

Required Material :

– A sheet of thick foam
– Brushless  motor (such motors are usually bought for quadrocopters or airplanes on radio control)
– ESC- Propeller with a mount that fits on the motor shaft
– Receiver                                                                                         

  – Li Po 2S battery (7.4v).
– Wooden board (like a wooden ruler) 2pcs
– Plastic sheet
– Servo motor SG90
– aluminum wire
– Small plastic container for food

some tools we also need:

– Stationery knife
– Reinforced tape
– Double sided tape
– Hot glue gun
– Screwdriver
– Scissors
– Superglue
– Pliers (pliers, round nose pliers, etc.)
– Marker
– Drill with drills.


First of all, we need to build the hull of the boat, on which the entire structure will be built.

The material you take should be light and should not be too heavy. A sheet of thick foam is best for this.

We take the foam and after taking the foam give it the shape of a boat,

that is, sharpen the front part and round the rectangular corners with a clerical knife.

All of which is necessary to reduce the resistance of the boat.


The next step, we need an electric brushless motor and a motor mount(Which along with the motor).                               Using screws and a screwdriver, we fasten the electric motor to the motor mount.

And then we screw the motor mount with the electric motor to a wooden board (you can use a simple wooden ruler). To do this, we make two through holes in the piece of wood for the motor mount, and actually screw the motor mount itself to the board using bolts and nuts(As you can see in the picture above)

Then the plate with the brushless motor should be installed on the foam base.

To do this, make an incision in the place indicated in the photo with a clerical knife.

Insert a plank into the cut made and fix it with hot glue.

It is very important to know that you should not glue the foam parts with very hot hot melt glue, as you can simply melt the foam with hot melt glue.


Then we take a propeller with a mount. We see that the propeller span does not suit us and we will have to cut it off.

The propeller should be cut carefully and the same on both sides, otherwise there will be a lot of vibration and a significant decrease in efficiency.

Cutting off the excess from the propeller, it should be fixed on the motor shaft.



The next step is to make a rotate mechanism. To do this, we need a small piece of plastic which we will give a shape similar to the one in the photo.

Then we take a wooden plank similar to the one that holds the brushless motor , and attach the plank and plastic to each other.

Next, we take reinforced tape and connect the plastic part with the wooden part so that they not only hold tightly to each other, but can also fold (this is necessary so that the boat can be turn).

Cut out a plastic rectangle from the same plastic. We make a through hole in the cut out rectangle, and glue it with superglue to the workpiece that we made earlier.

A “steering link” will be attached to this part. And paint the  steering gear as your taste and color

Now, in order for the steering gear to function properly, the servo motor must be installed.

STEP 5Boat

To do this, we will purchase the simplest SG90 servo motor. To install the servo, we use a clerical knife to make a bore hole for it on the side of the steering gear, from the side where we glued the part for the steering rod.

We insert and fix the servo with hot glue, put on the rocking chair that comes with the kit.

We expose the servo and steering gear to the central position and connect them together with a “steering rod” that is, with a thin piece of aluminum wire.

Then we move on to assembling the electronic filling.

Since we have a boat, and it was born to be in contact with water, and therefore we should think about sealing the filling.


To do this, take a small food container and make a hole in it for the wires.

Install the motor speed controller in it (we push the contacts going to the electric motor through the hole made)

Then we insert the three-wire connector into the second channel of the receiver and also install it in the container.

And we will install a servo drive in the first channel of the receiver.

Next, we connect the electric motor with the speed controller according to the polarity, or simply by connecting wires with the same colors.BoAt


All is ready! We connect the battery and close the container tightly.

We combine the radio equipment with the receiver according to the instructions included in the kit.

The author of this homemade product uses not the cheapest equipment, but you can buy simple pistol-type equipment along with a receiver for about 1300 rubles in any Chinese online store.

Well, you end up with a pretty fast and interesting boat that can cheer you up on sad evenings.

And also I would like to note that due to the peculiarity of the design of the boat, it can float not only on water, but also slide on ice and snow!

Here is a video from the author with a detailed assembly and testing of this  project:

Author Of This Project : The Wrench 


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