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Build electric Bike

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome In “DiY Projects Lab” In This Article We Will show You To Build electric Bike or How to convert a bike into an electric bike with a starter instead of an engine. Please Follow Each And Every Step Of This Article Then You Will Be Able To convert a bike into an electric bike with a starter !

Build electric Bike

Here Is A List Of The Material We Need To Complete This Project :

  • bicycle chain;
  • wires;
  • toggle switch.
  • starter 350 W, 12 V
  • Battery 12V;
  • sheet steel 3 mm;
  • bicycle sprocket 9 teeth;
  • ratchet sprocket with 18 teeth;

Usually, To Build electric Bike, the motor is installed on the rear wheel. As a result, difficulties are created with the implementation of the braking system. The easiest way to do a conversion is to make a front wheel drive bike.

Modifications to Build electric Bike 

Build electric Bike steps

A 350 W, 12V starter from a old or new motorcycle will be used as a drive.

A mounting plate is cut out from sheet steel under it to screw it onto the tube of the front fork of the bicycle, The starter must be installed on the plate.

The standard sprocket must be removed from the starter. The splines on the shaft are ground, Then a 9-tooth bicycle sprocket is welded onto it.

It is necessary to remove the front wheel and press a ratchet with 18 teeth onto its hub.

Build electric Bike motor mechanism

If necessary, the bushing is re-machined, Then the wheel is installed back.

Build electric Bike attaching motor

The starter plate must be screwed onto the front fork. You can drill it in several places, Then a chain is pulled between the sprockets. To be able to adjust its tension, instead of holes on the plate, there must be grooves on the plate.

Build electric Bike battery attachment

Then you need to connect it to the starter with switch wires.

Such an electric bike does not lose roll at all. It can be driven both by the engine and by pedals

To move on electric traction, it is enough to turn on the toggle switch. The motor is powered off before braking. Unfortunately, the range of an electric bike with a regular battery from a motorcycle is small, but sufficient to enjoy the ride. The battery is charged by a car charger.

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