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Fingerprint based security system for bike

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Hello creators in this article I will teach how to make fingerprint security system for bike

With which you can start your bike just from your finger prints!

Fingerprint based security system for bike

Fingerprint based security system for bike

How cool is it to start a bike only from single persons touch sounds very cool right, We will begin by knowing exactly how it works

How fingerprint based security system works

In simple words normal staring procedure of bike is just inserting key and pressing start key, here the problem is bike doesn’t know who exactly is trying to start your bike

As a solution for this issue we will add gate between normal key and self starter button which is fingerprint scanner

After insertion of key and turn to on position you will need to provide your thumb impressions, On successful verification bike starts, with this being said we can proceed to build steps!

Supplies required to make Fingerprint based security system for bike

arduino fingerprint security system

Arduino fingerprint security system


To make this you will need Arduino Nano, relay module and a fingerprint sensor

If you want to buy above mention products check out description in video all the components are inexpensive

Apart from this supplies we need jumper cables, soldering lead with iron and empty PCB board with male and female headers

what is fingerprint sensor ?

The  biometric fingerprint sensor that we can use in our projects together with a processor like Arduino.

The sensor includes a 32-bit DSP processor that is responsible for reading and comparing previously registered fingerprints, being able to register up to 162 fingerprints.

The response time of the sensor is less than 1s, with a false positive rate (recognizing an unregistered fingerprint) less than 0.001%, and a false negative rate (not recognizing a registered fingerprint) less than 1%.


Check the arrangement of the terminals in your module and do not trust the colors of the cables, because they may vary from one module to another.

  • To read the fingerprint seensor we will use Adafruit’s Fingerprint Sensor library
  • To make the sensor work, we must, on the one hand, register (Enroll) the known fingerprints, and then make the sensor read the fingerprints and compare with the registered ones.

If you want to make this project much more appealing

You can try out getting your own customized PCB for this project you can get one at very less price here 

headers connection

Headers mounting and connection

Start by soldering headers pins on an Empty PCB to which later Arduino Nano will be mounted ( shown above)

Place relay module near to Arduino so that project size shrinks

Purpose of using Arduino Nano because this whole system will be fit to small confined place, Trim off excess PCB circuit making board

Circuit diagram for fingerprint security system

Refer the following image which shows how various components are connect with each other

Circuit diagram for fingerprint based security system

Circuit diagram for fingerprint based security system

let me give you quick explanation of these circuit diagram

Signal pin of relay module connects to D12 pin of Arduino board

Note: Here make sure you connect to digital pin only  and not with analog pin

Signal input and output pins of fingerprint scanner are connect to D3 and D2 terminals of Nano

Power input i.e positive supply for scanner module and relay is from analog side +5v power supply

Negative or Gnd of scanner is connect to Gnd of analog side

While for relay its on digital side gnd, Few might find these lines difficult to capture if yes refer visual above!

uploading code to fingerprint scanner

uploading code to fingerprint scanner


Once all the circuit is complete we will proceed with upload of code to Arduino board

NextPCB PCB Manufacturers Company 


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How to upload code to Arduino

we have two types of code which needs to get upload in a systematic way, upload code number 1 all the links for this codes is given in the following link

Just copy and paste or drag and drop code to your Arduino IDE

Make sure to select proper port number before uploading code to your board

Once you upload the code open serial monitor that can be found on right end side of IDE screen

After Serial monitor is open click send

Then place your finger on the fingerprint scanner and wait for some time until it scan your unique prints!

which was clearly in video below this will get your fingerprint register in Arduino board

First code was only to register fingerprints after this process upload code number 2

Now this project can be use to start a bike but before installing to bike make sure to check if everything works fine

To check make use of  9 volt battery

To this project power supply is from bike battery then to relay which later will be sent to Arduino board

installing fingerprint security system

installing fingerprint security system

Steps for installing Arduino fingerprint scanner

connect power supply of bike to relay module and place the fingerprint scanner

whichever being more convenient for you, placement on handle was more convenient for me ( shown above)

How to operate Fingerprint based security system

Just plug in key so that power will be supply to our system via relay Fingerprint led indicators will start glowing up

Just place your registered thumb wait for one or two seconds for recognition, If everything gets fine your bike will start

Fingerprint sensor works as start button

One best thing about this project is only a single person can start bike as its well known no two person finger prints match!

Hope you enjoyed this idea make sure to have a look on other of my cool Arduino projects Here

Video Tutorial & Explanation

Watch the full video tutorial here for making Fingerprint based security system for bike. This video explain

step by step process for making this project.

Watch this working video which you shouldn’t miss Click here

If you are facing issues in any step please drop in comment box, Thanks for your interest 🙂


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