Esp8266 IOT based Mood Light Project


Esp8266 IoT based Light

Hello and welcome to diyprojectslab today in this article we will learn how to make a smartphone control Esp8266 IOT based Mood Light Project We can make this very easily by just using some components. This is also one of the best project of school science project. So let’s learn to make, we have less time and a lot to learn

We will use Blynk App to control the lights and changing color so no IOS programming is required!

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Required Components for Esp8266 IOT based Mood Light 

To make this, we will get the components we need in our market, if it is not found easily, then I will give the link below, you can buy from it.


  1. NodeMCU
  2. Ordinary Bulb
  3. RGB Led (ws2812b)
  4. Power adaptor
  5. Wires


  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Knife
  3. Hot glue gun

Circuit Diagram for ESP8266 IOT Bulb Project

Here are the schematics and circuit diagram of this Esp8266 IOT based Mood Light Project .  As you can see above picture the circuit is very simple since we have only three wires in NEOPIXEL 5V ,GND& Din Pins so we have to connect  


  • 5V – 5V
  •  GND – GND
  • DIN – D2

Let’s make the circuit 

First of all we will take an old scratch bulb, then we will remove out the power supply kit with it and we will take that kit to help of power supply to NodeMCU you can see in the above photo .

  • RED wire to 5V
  • Black wire to GND

Setup the BLYNK App for ESP8266 IOT Bulb Project

As you know Blynk is the most popular Internet of Things platform for connecting any hardware to the cloud, designing apps to control them.


Download the Blynk app

1. For Android

2. For iPhone


  • Create a new account in the Blynk App.
  • select Board as NodeMCU.
  •  Check your email inbox and find the Auth Token.
  • select zebra widget  from widget list pic 
  • zebra app click on “merge” and select virtual pin “v2”

Uploading the Software

Get the the source code here Download Code


Preparing Arduino IDE for Wemos Board To upload the Arduino code to Wemos board, you have to follow this tutorial

After installing the above libraries, paste the Arduino code given below.
Enter the auth code from step-1,ssid, and password of your router.

Then upload the code.


Let us now test it and see, first we will put all the components in the shell of the bulb, after that we will give power supply to the bulb.

After that we will connect the Esp8266 to our phone, after connecting we can use it

Now our device is ready for real field testing.

Wi-Fi Mood Light using ESP8266

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