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DIY ULTIMATE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER 4.0 will be our project for today that is soo cool and awesome to build, So without any due lets hop in to some basic info about this project.

What is Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology with which various controls of music can be made from smartphone and the same will be reflected on speaker.

One main advantage of Bluetooth is it makes entire system wireless that eliminates messy cords that emerge from smartphone to speaker.

Why make this speaker

Bass speakers available commercially in market comes with quite high price tag which most of us can’t afford

Even though the price is high we won’t be satisfied with performance( most of us!)

Hence it’s better to make one buying all readily available components

This is equip with latest version of Bluetooth which is well known as 4.0 that means communication time between devices will be very less that enhances user experience when listening to very high definition music

The most appealing factor here is color changing LED which is customizable as per your needs

These were some general information about this interesting speaker now let get start with supplies required to make this

Supplies for Diy ultimate Bluetooth speaker 4.0

  • Speaker 3 Watt
  • PAM8406 Amplifier
  • Bluetooth Decoder Board
  • Boost Converter
  • Arduino nano
  • ARGB Strip
  • MDF Board
  • Power Switch

3 watt speaker provides good boost sound for music hence i recommend to build project using those if you are planning to make one get it here


3 Watt Speakers

How to make speaker loud was most common question that was asked from my previous version of speaker

And the answer is this can be done using PAM8406 Amplifier board which is shown below

amplifier for DIY ULTIMATE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER 4.0 speakers

amplifier module

Best part is all the materials in total wont cost much when in comparison with actual Bluetooth speaker available in market

Building steps for ultimate Bluetooth speaker 4.0

Frame for speaker

To make body of speaker i make use of strong and lightweight MDF wood boards

I prefer using these as its very easy to work upon also to couple these up normal paper glue is sufficient

Make dedicate slots for speaker and decoder board placement as in visual below




After this step is complete we can start placing speakers on this slot, to couple this i hot glue them which i found very effective

Add wires if there is no pre solder wires to speakers, to make the work clean for every 2cm i add heat shrink tubes as holders for wire

speaker connections

speaker connections

As super glue leaves sticky and messy layer behind paper glue was made use for supporting side frames

Use small quantity of glue over edges of MDF boards and gently place side of frame as in image shown below

building frame for bluetooth speaker

Building frame for Bluetooth speaker

By doing this we obtain shape of rectangle also base of the speaker

For the sides i use pieces of speaker plate which i got from my old speaker

Make hole as per size of speaker plate and use glue to stick them together

To make it easier to understand i will call this as side plates

side pieces for speaker

Side pieces for speaker

This was made for 2 main reason

First reason is being because of high boom sounds coming from these speakers the entire box may have a creak as the sound is contained in fixed space with no space to escape

Second reason is these add additional layer of beauty for entire project and makes it look even more powerful even though its dummy its hard to find out

Circuit Diagram for DIY ultimate Bluetooth speaker 4.0

Circuit for bluetooth speakers

Circuit for Bluetooth speakers


Follow this circuit diagram to make connections between different components

To make it much more easier i will explain this diagram for you!

Sound amplifier connection

Each sound amplifier holds 2 speakers hence 2 amplifier connects 4 speakers

Speakers will be connect to sound amplifier board output terminals

Bluetooth Decoder Board connections

This board is responsible for transmitting Bluetooth signals

This supports Bluetooth, AUX connection and USB supply and modes between all these can be change using button

Input signals for this board will be from smartphone or aux cable while output from this board will be to above given speaker

Bluetooth decoder

Bluetooth decoder

So output from this board will be to amplifier inputs

After this all are basic connections

To power this and for long run of speaker play time i use 4 lithium ion batteries

Battery pack will be connect to dc booster follow above given circuit diagram for connection

battery module for speaker

Battery module for speaker

After all the circuit between components are complete install the same on pre made speaker

Here one of most unique update is color changing RGB LED lights to make thus

I use small strip of ARGB led, Please note normal led wont work best for this project as for addressable LED individual signals to be given by arduino board

In short each LED can be control by arduino codes, here color and pattern as per time is varied

Also before sealing frame make slots for charging port which is important!

Refer below visual for more details


Circuit installing

Place all hardware in dedicate slots that was given and for sticking use either double side tape of hot glue

Enclose the speaker box using gum and later using screw firm all sides

Final project will look like this




How to use Ultimate Bluetooth speaker 4.0

5 simple steps for using this speaker

  1. Switch on power button in speaker
  2. Turn on Bluetooth settings in your smartphone and check for available devices
  3. Connect to speaker network
  4. Play your favorite music from phone
  5. Increase the volume for best results

To charge this boom box just connect pins from your smartphone charger to charger board

Video link for this project

Check working video of this diy ultimate Bluetooth speaker 4.0 here 


That was all about this amazing Bluetooth speaker, Hope you will try to make this by following our tutorial

Meanwhile you are missing out great project idea if you still didn’t check out our previous Arduino Bluetooth home automation project Check it here


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