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Welcome in “DiY Projects Lab” in This Article we will help you to making  a Thermoelectric Generator using thermoelectric coolers. Please follow each and every step of this Article then you will be able to generate energy with fire and water!

Thermoelectric coolers operate using the Peltier effect. This effect creates a temperature difference by transferring heat between 2 electrical junctions. 

How to charge a cell phone with a candle or water ?

yes  It is very simple project – for this you can assemble the Easy thermal power plant from just a some very affordable elements. Charge your Phone using Candle is good science experiment

This thing is pretty and cool, you can take it with you on a hike or fishing and in any situation be able to charge your mobile device or emergency LED , be it a phone or a tablet.
Unlike Power Bank, this free generator has no limitation and it can work all the time. As a source of heat, you can use not only a candle, but you can also use wood chips or paper-plastic .














    Here is a list of the material we need to complete this project:

  1. Peltier module
  2. Boost Converter
  3. Candles
  4. Kerosene Tin or any tin 
  5. Heat transferring paste 

   Making a Own heat generator

     The first thing to do is find a small tin can. then Cut off the bottom layer of it and drill multiple small holes along the entire lateral     surface. Do not make large holes, otherwise in windy weather the fire will go out from a strong wind.















                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Then, with metal scissors, cut out a window for a candle at the bottom layer of the can. Be sure to clean the sharp edges with a rough  paper or rough after cutting.

   Peltier Module to Charge your Phone using Candle

  The Peltier element. It will generate current By heating up one side of the plate and cooling down the other. That is, we will heat one side with a candle.  This device can also be used for generate electricity from ice.

Thermal Paste


















    Use Thermal Paste Between thin Side, To ensure reliable heat transfer to the Peltier element, apply a heat-conducting ointment to its sides. We smear one side with a thin layer.

Assembling the Generator


















We have smear to  the also second side with paste , So that during the period of operation the wires do not melt on the hot can, it is necessary to put on fiberglass tube with wire.













Top we install a radiator from the computer processor. There will be no cooler from the top, everything will cool naturally. Moreover, in nature, a small breeze will do its job.

Power Supply 













The Peltier element does not generate a large voltage, but its current strength is of sufficient importance for our purposes. Therefore, in order to exchange the values ​​for the values ​​we need, we will use a boost converter, which will increase and stabilize the output voltage up to 5V. At the output of the converter there is already a USB socket for connection, so there is no need to solder

Enjoy Your Reclaimed Power 🙂

We are trying to charge the mobile phone. After a few seconds, the voltage reached a level, And the phone started charging.

The thermal power plant is doing an excellent job of generating electricity.

 He gives electricity and light from a candle,. Well, if the light is not enough, you can connect a mini LED lamp to the USB.

The good news is that this project is always ready for you and your work

Watch the video to Charge your Phone using Candle

Credit :-  DD electro tech



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