Raspberry Pi Projects

Raspberry Pi is a series of Single Board Computer, developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the United Kingdom, Raspberry Pi is an example of a single-board computer, which has all the basic hardware components of a computer (processor, memory, etc.) and various extensions (USB, HDMI, video, sound, etc.) Most people use the Raspberry Pi to learn programming skills, build Electronics for High-level projects, do home automation, etc.

Raspberry Pi boards

Raspberry Pi is the most incredible device to get trained in the world of computers & computer science. The boards are available to everyone, from youthful to old and from beginner to professional. You can learn to program with it, but you can also run a website on it, for example. The opportunities are unlimited.  Are you moving to start with Raspberry Pi? Then we suggest you to taking a starter kit. A starter kit includes everything you need to get started right away.

Raspberry Pi Board Applications 

These boards come with the capability to give a wide variety of uses, but the most common are:

  • Mini desktop PC.
  • Wi-Fi print server.
  • Web server.
  • Storage system, in which you will access the information over the network.
  • Media centre to watch movies or series.
  • Turn your TV into a Smart TV.
  • Music system.
  • Old video game machine.
  • Game server.

These are some of the topics, but there are many more uses than you can give it without problems.

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