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Best Science project idea

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Hey! Are you in search of Best Science project ideas? Today we will see how to make light tracking solar panel using Arduino which definitely gets you an award!

So hello guys in this video I will show how to make sun tracking robot which tracks light of sun which can charge the battery after which can supply power during required times

Why Solar light tracking is Best Science project idea ?

Conventional solar panels used in homes and industries are fix to one place meanwhile sun will be changing it’s direction that results incomplete utilize of sun energy

This can be eliminate by usage of LDR which tracks sun in real time which helps to utilize energy from sunrise to sunset

Supplies required to make sun light tracker

  1. Arduino Nano with Atmega 328P
  2. L293D Motor driver and metal geared servos
  3. Empty PCB if you are making own PCB
  4. Readily Available PCB can be bought here
  5. Solar panels x 5
  6. LDR
  7. Mini limit switches
  8. Wires
  9. I recycled Mini limit switch from my old DVD drives
  10. Wooden board as base
  11. LED strip and Toy DC motor for power output indication

Building phase of this project

Firstly gather all required components, this table contains all 3D Prints which comprises working mechanical structure

3D printed Parts

Download 3D file (Click here)

 To make this project work in real time I use metal Gates and few 3D printed parts

 you can get various 3D print parts on clicking the link of description box below

 Metal Gear servo works best for this project as it has high torque

Best Science project idea build PHASE 1

Start by screwing metal servo to 3D printed parts

At first attach servo to base this will help in swinging 180 degree motion of entire solar panel

Screw 3d print parts to horns of metal servo

Note: For Easy understanding Base servo = servo 1, Upper servo= servo 2

After base part is complete to raise and lower solar panel we require other servo( servo 2) that will be added to slot provide from base servo (servo 1)

Also For open and close mechanism of solar cells we use 3d print parts

To check how it is assembly is done in detail check out tutorial video given below

Solar panel arrangements

Solar panel has 3d print back frame which was couple using glue, back frame is shown in above visual

All panel are solder first later attach to these support, after all the parts are couple you will end up like this

After completion of this mechanism we will work on making electronic circuitries

To make control board for this project you can either choose empty PCB and build from scratch or get fully assemble PCB here


Also for detailed circuit diagram of this project please check same link given above

Circuit Diagram

As you can see from visual below i have made slots for L293 driver and Arduino Nano

10k resistors between Arduino and power supply was add to ensure overload protection

Arduino Code for sunlight tracker project

Check here for codes of this solar tracker for Arduino, If you don’t know how to upload code please refer my older Arduino project posts

If you feel any complications buy custom PCB to which Gerber file is given

After adding all the components we can install this to our system later connect all the components

Before screwing to board test out if everything works fine by trying to open and close the entire solar panel module by hand

Fold panels and using glue add to servo 2 horn which can be seen on visual below

For visibility of power output i made use of DC Motor with fan and Small strip of LED which will be hot glue to below shown spot

To track the light we will be using LDR sensor light dependent sensor using multi meter test if all the LDR sensors are working fine

Because once we install this to our system finding actual error would be very difficult we will be using 5 LDR so that all directions are tracked

After placement of all components connect everything to this board and check if everything is working fine

How to test ?

Just connect power supply to board from lithium ion batteries, i already use switch for easy control

When switch is turn to on position lights will start to glow on board

Unless you expose LDR to some light source solar panels won’t open

Use flashlight from smartphone to unfold solar array!

Power from light of smartphone can’t power DC motor and LED

This is sorted only by taking your entire project to sunlight

You will definitely find dc motor shaft spins and glow of LED strip

So our project is successfully complete!

Video of Best Science project idea complete building and working

Check video here

That was all about making your very own light tracking project, Hope you found this interesting

Thank you and check out latest ESP8266 Farm Automation projects here


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