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Make Arduino Home automation System Using TV Remote


In this project, we will be making an Arduino Home automation system using a TV remote. This system will be able to control various appliances in your home, such as lights, fans, and TVs. You will be able to turn these appliances on or off using the TV remote. This project is perfect for those who want to have a simple and convenient way to control their home appliances. check out GSM Based Home Automation System Using Arduino.

Material Used


  1. Arduino Nano ————————-
  2. IR Sensor (TSOP1738) ——————–
  3. 4-Channel Relay module ————–
  4. IR Remote —————————–
  5. 12v 1A SMPS————————-

Full Video Tutorial:

What is a home automation system?

Home automation systems are designed to automate various tasks in the home. These systems can be used to control lighting, appliances, security systems, and other devices in the home. Home automation systems can be controlled via a mobile app, web browser, or voice control. You can use a home automation system to make your life easier and save energy.

How can a home automation system using a TV remote be beneficial?

A home automation system can be beneficial because it can be used to control a variety of devices in the home, including the TV.  be useful In this era of technology, a home automation system using a TV remote can be useful in various ways. 

How to set up a home automation system using a TV remote.?

In this guide, we’ll guide you on how to set up an Arduino home automation system using a TV remote. You’ll need a TV remote and an Arduino controller. We’ll assume you have a basic understanding of home automation. 

Schematic Diagram

ir remote circuit 1 scaled

Prepare Circuit diagram 

Make the circuit by following the schematic diagram shown in the above photo. after all, connections secure the whole circuit in upload code. now it is ready to use.

Arduino Home automation

Source Code

Arduino home automation Conclusion

Control After extensive testing and research, it can be concluded that the Arduino home automation system using TV remote control is reliable, efficient, and easy to use. It is an affordable solution for those who want to automate their homes.

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