Arduino Bluetooth Home Automation


Easy Tutorial on Arduino Bluetooth Home Automation project

Ever you wished to control your home electronics appliances with your phone? Or do you want to learn how to build that automation device for yourself ?

In this article, we’ll explore how you can control a bulb, fan or any other electrical appliance.

At the end of the project, you will be able to control electronics home appliances from your smartphone.

Required Material:

  1. Arduino UNO (or Mega, Pro, Mini). We have used arduino UNO in the example.
  2. Relay
  3. HC05 bluetooth module (Read more about HC-05 at:)
  4. Relay (Read more about Relays)
  5. Bulb
  6. Android Device
  7. jumper wire’s
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  • Arduino Bluetooth Control (Click Here)
  • Arduino IDE.

The HC-05 module is Bluetooth module that we can use to connect to communicate with Arduino via Bluetooth, Bluetooth communication is similar to using the normal serial port

Schematic Of HC 05arduino-bluetooth-electrical-schematic

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Circuit Diagram:

The circuit diagram of Arduino Bluetooth Home Automantion  is very simple and is explained below.

  1. To connect HC-05 module with Arduino, insert its VCC to 5V and GND pins to GND                                                                  Note: In case HC-05 module supports 3.3V, please power it using the 3.3 V supply from Arduino.
  2. Connect the HC05 module RXD pin in (Pin 2) of Arduino.
  3. Connect the TXD on HC-05: Transmit data to (Pin 3) of Arduino

Circuit Diagram.

Relay Circuit :

Once you have configured the setup on Arduino UNO board , the next step is to connect the bulb or electronic appliances with relay module  i.e. the lamp (in our case).

Here’s  a simple circuit that explains how to wire the connections in relay.

Let’s understand what these slots mean:

Normally Connected
Normally Open

As shown in the above schematic , A relay is an electrically operated switch.

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Arduino bluetooth home automation code
//DiY Projects Lab
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

//Bluetooth Tx pin to Arduino 2
//Bluetooth Rx pin to Arduino 3
#define rxPin 2
#define txPin 3
SoftwareSerial Bluetooth(rxPin,txPin);

#define RELAY_1 8
#define RELAY_2 9

String data = "";

void setup() {
  pinMode(RELAY_1, OUTPUT); //Relay 1
  pinMode(RELAY_2, OUTPUT); //Relay 2
  Serial.println("Arduino serial initialize");
  Serial.println("Bluetooth software serial initialize");

void loop() {
  while(Bluetooth.available() > 0){
    data = Bluetooth.readString();

    //Control Light 1

    if(data == "light1 on")
      digitalWrite(RELAY_1, HIGH);
    else if(data == "light1 off")
      digitalWrite(RELAY_1, LOW);

    //Control Light 2
    else if(data == "light2 on")
      digitalWrite(RELAY_2, HIGH);
    else if(data == "light2 off")
      digitalWrite(RELAY_2 , LOW);

Working Process:

This is simple home automation project using Arduino & Bluetooth module and a Android device.

The aim of this project is to control different electronics home appliances using a smartphone. The working of this project is explained here . step by step 

first download the Arduino Bluetooth Control  Software for home automantion system in  your smartphone

To download Arduino Bluetooth Control (Click Here )

Below is the video on how to install the software and how to setup

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Now, in the app, we need to set different keys for different loads


  • Using this project, we can turn on or off electronics appliances using a phone or tablet.
  • Additionally, we can connect to internet and control the home from remote location over internet and also monitor the safety.

Working video

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