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Arduino Bluetooth Car

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Arduino Bluetooth Car or projects of arduino is becoming one of the most popular robotics projects in school, This is because of its flexibility on wide area of applications

It is with such devices, autonomous or controlled from a smartphone and bluetooth – WiFi, that the path to robotics “after Lego” begins, In this article, you will find detailed video instructions on how to make an Arduino bluetooth controller Car with your own hands, and control via Smartphone.

creating a robot car using arduino requires understanding and skills to work with several important components at once, so you should not start creating cars without gaining basic skills in working with the Arduino platform.

In any case, you will only need to connect ready-made modules, but also assemble a structure, a chassis with motors, and provide proper power and control.

All this will require a certain amount of patience.

Components Required for the project:

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. HC 05 bluetooth module
  3. L298n motor driver
  4. Motor
  5. Wheel
  6. 18650 battery with holder
  7. jumper wires
  8. cut piece of wood

Bluetooth Module HC-05:

Bluetooth HC-05 is a Bluetooth module that is mostly used in the wireless based project. The HC-05 and HC-06 modules are Bluetooth modules that we can use to connect to communicate with Arduino via Bluetooth.

The connection is simple. We feed through Vcc and GND. Later we connect the TXD (transmit pin) and RXD (receive pin) to the opposite of the Arduino board (each TXD to an RXD). This is how the module connections would be, with the Arduino pins.

This makes Bluetooth technology one of the best means of communicating wirelessly with the Arduino . For example, we can use it to control a robot from a mobile or tablet, or receive measurements on a computer to record them on a web server.

L298N motor driver

The L298N is a motor controller (driver) that allows you to turn on and control two DC motors from Arduino , varying both the direction and the speed of rotation. the maximum current that the L298N can supply to motors is theoretically 2A per output (up to 3A ) and a supply voltage of 3V to 35V


we have the input pins that control the direction and speed of rotation .

  • The ENA, IN1, and IN2 pins control output A.
  • Pins ENB, IN3 and IN4 control output B.

Pins IN1, IN2, and IN3 and IN4, control the direction of rotation, respectively, of output A and B.

The ENA and ENB pins turn off the output. We can connect them permanently by using a jumper, or connect a PWM signal to control the speed of rotation.

The possible combinations are:

Go ahead Behind Brake

Regarding the ENA and ENB pins, we will use a PWM output to control the motor speed of rotation.

Assemble the body

Now take a Piece of Plywood. Now use a hot Glue Gun and place the all motor’s on the Plywood corners. he have connected wires with Motors.

Note : Please do not heat the motor terminal too much it will be damaged your motor if you heat motor too much.

Arduino Bluetooth Car circuit diagram

First take Arduino Uno & motor driver and them attach it on the plywood Chassis. Many people use Hot Glue to attach but I don’t recommend that at all. The copper traces under the board (Arduino) PCB may be damaged for the hot glue. So, I used some spacer’s for attaching the arduino Board and motor driver.

now connect motor driver and Bluetooth with Arduino board

Connections are very simple to make i would highly recommend to use jumper wires which are short by doing this circuit will look a lot cleaner

As from above circuit diagram circuit steps need to be followed which is not complex even for a beginner!

After circuit is complete we will move into further step which is coding all codes which is necessary for Arduino Bluetooth Car is given in this post so no need of worrying

To upload the code for this car first you need to connect arduino board to computer using usb cable (programming cable) and then connect to your computer

Codes for Arduino Bluetooth Car

Code for this project can be found here

After which arduino ide should be open and then just copy and paste the code to arduino ide and click on upload

If you are first time user then you might need to check for proper port number and type of board before clicking on upload button

If you are getting an error message that might be due to missing drivers, you can find all drivers in github for free

Any special cases of errors if occurs comment the same below i will give you solution


After the code is done uploading remove cable from board now program part is complete

Now connect wheels to all shafts of BO motor at this part our project is complete one missing thing that needs to be add is battery

For Battery i found using 2 lithium ion batteries also known as 18650 batteries was very much effective as they have larger backup time and also gets charge very quickly

These factors suits best for Arduino Bluetooth Car that usually consumes lots of power during its operation this is because its an 4WD

This means all four BO motors works at same time that gives good power to move in off-road terrain too

arduino Bluetooth car battery installationPicture above shows connection of batteries, here switch came inbuilt with battery holder that is an additional advantage which eliminating use of external switches

That completes this project and now it’s ready to be tested

How to use Arduino Bluetooth Car

Switch on power supply of car and place it on ground

Now in you smartphone switch on Bluetooth settings and connect to arduino car network

Once connection completes between these two devices open Bluetooth car application in your phone

Now you will have panel that can control movements of car in various directions

Start by testing front and back motions if these works fine rest will follow up being perfect

That completes our Arduino Bluetooth Car project, any questions are welcome in comments section

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Working video of Arduino Bluetooth car is available Here


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