16×16 RGB LED Panel Projects


16×16 RGB LED Panel Projects will be cool for your desk, Hey Readers did you know that we can Make simple at our home in very simple steps, Well you are here as you want to know!!

So today we will show you How to make a very interesting project using 16×16 RGB LED Panel, you can display anything on this panel for which you have enough imagination and programming skills.

(for example, temperature, date, time, bitcoin rate, and just images).

by the way, will be useful for both children and adults.


  1. Led Matrix Panel: (Click Here)
  2. Arduino Nano:      (Click Here)
  3. Power connector: (Click Here)
  4. Power supply:      (Click Here)
  5. PLA (print 2 of each file)
  6. Enclosure (I made mine from 3D printer)


  • Soldering iron with soldering accessories
  • Superglue
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws


Move on to making a 16×16 RGB LED Panel display.

First you need to purchase the most important and basic component of this project , namely an LED matrix with RGB LEDs.

You can take any size of the matrix, the author of this project used a matrix with dimensions of 16×16 LEDs.

Note: 16×16 RGB LED Panel Projects video tutorial is given at end of this post

The next step is to take care of the case, of course, the case can be made by hand, from sheet plastic, but doing it smoothly and accurately will be quite problematic. Therefore, I recommend using 3D printing technology for this.

3D printed file for this project

Printing file  can be found here.

It should be noted that the case must have such obligatory things as partitions between the LEDs and a diffuser. They are need in order for us to get clear and bright “pixels”, in which the contour will not be blurred, and in which the LED itself will not be visible.

We proceed to the next step, we solder a pair of wires no more than 20cm long to the power connector. And already the ends of these wires are solder to the matrix power

Three wires with a socket responsible for controlling the matrix are already solder to the LED matrix. Since we will control the matrix using Arduino nano.

LED Panel Schematic

  • this socket is not useful, so we cut it off.
  • The Panel has 3 wires, Red, Green, White.
  • let’s take Arduino nano. And we will solder the wires from the LED matrix to it.
  • Red(Positive) from the Panel to 5v on the Arduino Board
  • Green(Ground) from the Panel to GND on the Arduino nano Board
  • White(Data) from the Panel to Pin 4 on the Arduino Nano
  • The control board itself (ARDUINO) is glued with superglue to the back of the LED matrix

Finally connect the Arduino Nano with the micro USB cable to your PC, You can use the ready-made code from the author of this project (Click Here)

If you want to add more features to your DIY, or just a bunch of other images, you’ll have to get familiar with programming.



Download and install the Arduino Software on your PC. https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

FastLED Library

You will also need to download the FastLED library from Github. https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED

Click on Sketch, Include Library, Add Library, Choose the FastLED-master.zip file.

after uploading the code then we will assemble the workpiece into the case. First we put the matrix, then the partitions.

We install the power connector in the back wall, and fix it with superglue.

We install the wall in its place and fix it with screws, not superglue, it is important to leave the structure collapsible so that at any time it would be possible to change the firmware of the control board.

Add Diffuser

Turn the workpiece over and glue the diffuser to it. For this, translucent white matte plastic is great, It is worth noting that the diffuser must fit snugly to each cell, otherwise the effect will not be what is needed.

The diffuser should be glued with super glue.

Everything is ready!

You can connect power and test it. You can see a photo of the working version of this project below.


Let’s Rock That Party

Now you got your own

So have fun and enjoy your RGB 16×16 LED Panel

Show it to your friends and family, post it in the reactions!!

If you got any questions, please ask, will do everything to help you guys

See you soon!!

Here is a video of 16×16 RGB LED Panel Projects from author of this project :

Well, thank you all for your attention and good luck in future projects!


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