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Simple Rain Detection Alarm Using Custom Rain Sensor

simple rain detection system


Hello friends welcome back to “Diyprojectslab”, In this article, I’ll show you “How to make a simple Rain detection alarm system with a custom Rain drop sensor.” Here we need to make a custom rain drop sensor with the help of copper clad pcb & marker. Simply draw parallel lines on pcb then each the PCB using ferric chloride.
 Working principle :- 
There are a simple logic behind it. Connect custom PCB of rain sensor between Input supply & transistors Base pin. When rain drop falls on plate the two parallel sections on plate get shorted & current flows towards base pin of transistor & result in transistor get turn On and alarm system means led & buzzer get active, and buzzer start to buzz till water get remove from the plate. 
I also make a PCB design for this whole system, you simply download the PCB layout file & by using tonner transfer method make PCB. So let’s make it.
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See the pinouts of BC547 Transistor.


To make this project we need some components (Best Buy Link Provided):-
  1. Transistor (BC547) X 1
  2. LED X 1
  3. Resistor (470E) X 1
  4. Buzzer X 1
  5. PCB (Single Side Copper Clad) X 1
  6. Breadboard X 1
  7. 9V Battery & Cap X 1
Tool which I used to make it (With Best buy link):-
  1. PCB etching Kit
  2. Soldering Kit
  3. PCB Drill Machine
  4. Small hacksaw
  5. CD Marker


Follow the above Circuit diagram to make connections.



Follow the following steps to make PCB using “Tonner transfer Technic”
  1. Cut PCB as per your choice.
  2. Draw using marker as shown in above image.
  3. take a 2-3 spoon of ferric chloride in water.
  4. Place PCB in the solution for 5-10 min.
  5. Clean the PCB with the help of PCB Cleaner.
  6. Drill the PCB using drill machine.
  7. Now your PCB Completed.
 I provide the PCB Layout file below download & make PCB of whole project.


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