Wow What a great project this was, is  really fun and I enjoy the outcome.

I downloaded the design of this project from thingiverse and first of all its credit to the creator, Surrbradl .


   Bill of Materials

 Wemos D1 mini is recommended, but you can use  any other ESP8266 variant should work too, but it might require an additional step-down converter.

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      The software setup instructions can be found on GitHub .


For  the beginners there is a setup tutorial too

Print your parts

Print Settings
Printer Brand:- Creality Printer :- Ender 3
 Rafts: No ,Supports: No,Resolution:0.2,Infill: 20%
First Make sure you print all diffusers at 100% infill with white PLA filament
The base can be printed in black PLA filament , but any other color will work too. Choose white PLA for the base if you prefer that the leds should shine through a bit on the sides.

3D Model

Assemble the Leafs
First remove the tape of the backside of the led strip and put it into the corner.
All led strip pieces must have the GND line facing downwards. Cut the wire into pieces.
Make sure your wire pieces aren’t too long
Important: – All strip led pieces must be connected in series, no parallel connections
Single leaf
Connect the Leaf

Connect all leafs together with the M4 bolts together..

 Wire the electronics box
Mount the 5v  power jack and the Wemos D1 inside. Connect the start of the strip to the pin D4

circuit without Logic level converter

Connect all the leaves together and then power it to see if they are Work or not, if all is right then fix it with the help of dobble sided tape on the wall.

You can give it many types as shown in the photo below.